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2631 Mission Street | San Francisco, CA 94110 | (415) 647- 4200.

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1 2631 Mission Street | San Francisco, CA 94110 | (415) 647- 4200

2  Visit halls, hotels, recreation centers, etc:halls, hotels, recreation centers  Ask about security deposits  Table and chair set up  Types of tables and chairs  Security  Capacity (guests allowable)  Time allowed for decoration setup

3  Visit your parish or church to reserve the day of your celebration.  Choose your dress and remember – mom knows best! Remember to ask plenty of questions and understand the contracts you may sign.  Hire a photographer and videographer. Don’t be afraid to ask for references or samples of their work.photographer  Search for your caterer and put your taste buds to use!  Hire your event designers, and as with all other professionals, ask to see their portfolio.event designers

4  Select your DJ or band as well as the type of music they will be playing. Don’t forget to request the must haves for your guests!  Choose your waltz master as well as your dedicated damas and chambelanes.waltz master  Choose your limousine or low-rider!limousinelow-rider  Order your cake and ask for samples.  Order dama dresses around 4-5 months in advance.  Be on the lookout for a good hairdresser and make-up artist. make-up artist  Choose accessories for outfit, ceremony, and reception.

5  Order your invitations.  Get your chambelanes and family males fitted for their tuxedo rentals.  Keep track of your alteration fitting dates.  Stay active and focused. It may be a good idea to keep a planner on hand.

6  Confirm that your package items are prepared.  Select a hair stylist and make-up artist.

7  Prepare a speech to recognize your guests, padrinos (godmothers and godfathers) and parents.  Finalize all the details on the list.  Keep your head in the game and focus on school.  Relax, pamper yourself and remember your dedication and hard work will pay off as you enjoy your special day!

8  Remember to return your rentals to Latin Bridal and finally…  Relax your cheeks from smiling, sleep in, rest your feet, enjoy your presents.  CONGRATULATIONS QUINCEAÑERA!


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