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+ Physical Science 2014 - 2015 Mrs. Hansen Room 315 Be Kind. Work Hard. Challenge Yourself.

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2 + Physical Science 2014 - 2015 Mrs. Hansen Room 315 Be Kind. Work Hard. Challenge Yourself.

3 + And now… a word from your teacher…

4 Welcome to 8 th grade science! We have an exciting year planned and I am happy to help prepare you for life after both middle school and high school– whether it be college or starting a career. This school year, I want to instill you with the knowledge that you will need in order to be problem solvers, scientific thinkers, and how to communicate effectively with your peers and co-workers. Because this course is titled Physical Science, we will be discussing chemistry, physics, astronomy, and energy! In order to ensure that you fully understand the material, I will be using different techniques to assess your knowledge. I prefer using hands-on activities, labs, and demonstrations because I believe you learn best if you are actually working with and engaged in the material, rather than listening to a lecture. Ultimately, by the end of the school year, my goal is for you to feel that your time was put to good use and that you feel more prepared for the real world than when you started here. In order for this to be put into action, we will need to work together. I will provide you with a set of classroom rules, procedures, and expectations that need to be followed—no exceptions. Learning can be fun if the classroom environment is set up in a way that is respectful for ALL of us. I am looking forward to a fun school year and getting to know you as students. You can easily succeed in my class if you simply put in effort, follow directions, and participate. Good luck and let’s have a wonderful school year!

5 + Here’s your homework… Grab the “Welcome Letter” you received in class and use the following slides to fill in the missing information. Misplace your Welcome Letter? Print out an extra copy from the “Class Documents” page on our class website. Once you have filled in each blank, share the letter with your parents… or better yet, have them work with you! Make sure you get a parent signature ensuring that you completed and reviewed the information. This assignment is due: Monday, September 8th

6 + A little intro for your parents… My name is Mrs. Hansen and I will be your child’s Physical Science teacher this school year. First, I would like to thank you for taking the time to review this letter as I find it extremely important for you and I to work together to create the best learning environment for your child. This year, we will be learning about chemistry, physics, energy and astronomy. In order for all students to fully understand the material, I have created innovative and hands-on lessons that will work to reach the needs of each student’s learning style. My goal as an educator is to help prepare your child for the real world by instilling them with the proper skills they will need to read, write, and communicate effectively and to most importantly, become problem solvers, the essence of a scientific thinker. I have listed few of the basic expectations I have for my students below. There is more detailed information available on our class website.

7 + Basic Expectations Science Books: You will be issued a Science book for your use at home for the duration of the year. Please keep the book safe and cover it. Please, do not bring it to school everyday. We have a set of books to use in the classroom. Homework: My goal is to work efficiently in class so you will have a minimum amount of homework. Much of your homework will be to prepare you for lessons and discussions held during class, so we can make the most of our 50 minutes in class each day. It will be checked, graded, and will contribute to your trimester grade. Lab Safety: We do many exciting hands-on activities (labs). In this class you will be working with fire, electricity, chemicals, and sharp objects so safety in the classroom is extremely important! I do not tolerate horseplay. Failure to follow safety procedures will result in a lowered grade and the loss of lab privileges. You will be completing a unit on safety in the laboratory, including an assessment, to prepare for our class activities. In addition, you, and your parents will sign a Safety Contract. Without this contract and a satisfactory assessment grade, you will not be allowed to participate in lab experiments.

8 + Basic Expectations Continued… Lab Donations: We do 1 to 2 labs or demos every week and therefore we use many supplies! A donation of $10 is requested to help cover the cost of the many consumable items we use in our experiments. Any amount is gladly accepted! We will take cash or check. Please make checks payable to RSM and write the students name and period on the check. Binder: We will be using a binder to organize all notes, worksheets, lab work, study guides, and homework. I request that you have a 1 ½ inch binder. Absence/Make-Up Work: It is the student’s responsibility to obtain and complete all work that you missed due to absence. Please DO NOT EMAIL me for homework requests but check with a trusted classmate or the class website. I adhere to the school’s absence and make up work policies, available in your student planner

9 + Wrap it up… I am absolutely thrilled to teach your child and cannot wait to see the improvement of their science skills throughout the school year. To learn more about our class policies, procedures, and to stay up to date with what is happening in room 315, please visit my class website at:, and I look forward to seeing you at our Back to School Night. Remember… this assignment is due: Monday, September 8th

10 + Interested in a little extra credit? (Yes, extra credit already… it’s rare so take advantage of the opportunity!) Follow the instructions below: On the “Welcome Page” of our class website, I have posted our class motto… you may have noticed it posted in our room as well. To earn your extra credit: write a descriptive paragraph giving your opinion of what the motto means to you and how this motto could help you as a student and/or citizen of your community. Please turn in your paragraph(s) with your Welcome Letter assignment on Monday, Sept. 8 th.

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