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Mrs. Murphy’s U.S. History Class Please take an index card from black tray at the back of the room (in the warm-up tray) At the top, write your child’s.

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1 Mrs. Murphy’s U.S. History Class Please take an index card from black tray at the back of the room (in the warm-up tray) At the top, write your child’s name and your name Please write any information that you feel I should know about your child. Go ahead, brag!!!! Also, if you feel that your child may be too shy to tell me that he/she does not like to read aloud, called upon, used in role playing, etc., please let me know.

2 Geography Skills Analysis of Primary Sources The Reconstruction Era Westward Expansion and the 50 States Immigration, Industrialization, Urbanization Segregation during and after Reconstruction Progressive Movement US Expansionism WW I: At Home and in Europe Transportation, Great Migration, Prohibition Harlem Renaissance The Great Depression and the New Deal Pearl Harbor and WW II: Atlantic, Pacific, at Home Postwar Rebuilding and United Nations Formation Cold War Conflicts Civil Rights Movement and Women’s Rights Technology and American Life *An SOL Test is given at the end of this course.

3 Class supplies: 1.Binder 2.Dividers (at least 6) 3.Composition book Binder needs to be brought to every history class. All handouts given in class will be organized into your binder Dividers (please have in this order): Formatives Class notes Geography Tests and quizzes SOL review homework Composition book: Can be any color This will be kept in class

4 Formatives This section will have your warm-up and exit tickets. I may also give practice tests Formatives are not calculated into your grade Formatives help monitor your understanding of material

5 Class notes This section will have the handouts completed in class

6 Tests and Quizzes All your original tests and quizzes will be returned to you. These are summative grades and will be calculated into your grade. These will be good review for the SOL Do not misplace these assessments

7 SOL Review We will be reviewing for the SOL test all year Yes, you heard correctly. I will be giving you periodic SOL formative Assessments (remember, formatives do not get calculated into your grade, so do not panic). These assessments help us both know what information you are retaining.

8 Homework Any papers given for homework go in this section. This way you always know where you put your homework. Once we go over the homework in class, it will become class notes Don’t worry ; I always tell you which section papers need to go in.

9 Class rules and expectations START OF CLASS PROCEDURE: Step 1. Arrive prepared BEFORE the bell rings. Step 2: Pick up the warm-up from basket upon entering the Classroom Step 3. If needed, pick up your composition book from class bin upon entering the classroom Step 4: At the bell, go to your seat and quietly begin warm-up

10 Homework: All homework is expected to be turned in on the due date Grading 4 points = all completed 3 points = ¾ completed 2 points = ½ completed 1 point = ¼ completed Z did not have hw Late policy: HW reviewed in class may not be handed in late. HW that I collect to grade may be handed in the next day (not the next class)

11 TEST PROCEDURES: TESTS & QUIZES Unit tests will be given as we complete each SOL. Quizzes will be given throughout the unit.

12 Reassessment Policy Students will be provided one opportunity per Summative for reassessment on non-mastered objectives. Formative assessments linked to the unit must be completed prior to the original Summative. Students must complete a reassessment form and return it by the next block. The reassessment score will be averaged with the original score for a final Summative grade.

13 How will reassessments show up in Clarity ? S-Test: Reconstruction 58 pts. (this is weighted 1 so it gets calculated into overall average) F- HW: Reassessment corrections S-Test: Reconstruction reassessment 58 pts. (this will be weighted 1 and the original score will be changed to a weight of zero. A weight of zero does not get calculated into the grade 581 50154 50Z

14 WHAT TO DO WHEN YOU ARE ABSENT: Should you miss a class, check your block’s folder on the “While You Were Out” board, the homework calendar for what you need to turn in, and my website for any power point notes you missed. Please see me during resource if you need clarification.

15 CLASS WEB PAGE: Homework, projects, study guides, test & quiz dates, Power Points, and other relevant class information will be available for download on the class web page. Please refer to the site for daily homework updates. If there is something you need that is not on the site, please see me or e-mail me and I will try to get it to you.

16 GET HELP IF YOU NEED IT: I am available before school most days for help or questions. Just let me know (at least a day ahead) that you will be arriving early. Or see me before class and I will write you a pass to come during your resource. Feel free to e-mail me anytime. I am here for you, please let me help anyway I can.

17 Textbooks will not be issued to every student; we will be using a class set. There is an on-line version of The American Journey text that can be accessed at home through my Harmony webpage.

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