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Charm & Style Weddings Jen Harrison. Priority Making your Dream Wedding a Reality.

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1 Charm & Style Weddings Jen Harrison

2 Priority Making your Dream Wedding a Reality

3 Charm & Style Weddings, how may we assist you on your special day?

4 What is a Wedding Planner  Imagination  Metropolitan style  Strategic Planning  Stress free memorable occasions  Coordinating all aspects of a wedding

5 Imagination  Bringing Ideas to life  Creating Theme and One of a Kind Weddings  Knowing the locations and possibilities for weddings  Mountain Wedding at Bear Creek  Field Wedding at The Rose Garden  Hotel Wedding at Hotel Bethlehem  Making what a client wants into a reality  When it may not seem to be right here in the Lehigh Valley

6 Metropolitan  The admired style of New York can be taken into the Lehigh Valley  Wedding Planners are aware of the popular styles  Offered at an affordable cost  Provide options for a dream wedding in the Valley

7 Planning Consider every moment in the wedding Helping to make the situation less stressful and more enjoyable Personal Relations  Ensure the wedding matches the bride and groom Completing a process  Options for décor, flowers, receptions, the ceremony, cuisine, attire, entertainment

8 Client Base  Local wedding planner  Professionals seeking a fabulous wedding experience  Wedding planner has the correct knowledge and talent to coordinate the bride and grooms desired wedding  Create a customer base  Opens up the doors for others seeking the expertise in wedding planning

9 Charm & Style Weddings  guaranteed an easy process  friendliest consultant  promised affordability  the dream wedding you have longed for  knowledge in all parts of a wedding  beautiful results

10 Those to Be Newly-Weds Unique service providing the wedding you have always wanted. Making a memory for the rest of your life.

11 Location Main Street in Historic Bethlehem In Store Consultation Hours Monday Through Friday 4 p.m. – 8 p.m. Saturdays 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. Sundays Noon - 4 p.m. Constant Devotion with specific planner prior to your special event.

12 Employees & Salaries  3 wedding planners  1 receptionist  Commission per wedding  -25% head planner  -15% part time planners  -$8.50/hour for the receptionist  Revenue Yearly  Between $200,000-$225,000  20 weddings at $10,000 a wedding  *Capital Raised by submitting a business plan to Embassy Bank

13 C&SW

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