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Website: Toll Free Hotline: 1 (888) 769-1075

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1 Website: Toll Free Hotline: 1 (888) 769-1075 Email:

2  Instructions – How PhoneGuard Works:  Download Here: Important Website Information


4  Select the operating system of the handset you are installing the software on  Click “Download” and follow the on-screen prompts  Chose “Yes” to all prompts  Enter Activation Code Activation Code is sent via email, text message Instructions Page 1

5 Instructions Page 2  This will be the first screen you will see after the download  Click “Install” and follow the prompts  Software Installing Screen

6 Instructions Page 3  Enter the Activation Code  Click “Activate” and follow the on-screen prompts

7 Instructions Page 4  Activation Success  Restart your Phone  From the Home Menu of your Phone, Click on the “PhoneGuard” icon – This will take you to the DriveSafe Main Screen

8 Instructions (SET ADMIN) Page 5  To start the initial setup, Click “Admin Phone” button  Enter the Passcode you selected upon installation of software

9 Instructions (SET ADMIN) Page 6  Click “Add”, then enter the Phone Number(s) of the Admins (the Admin will be contacted to grant disable application permission)  Enter the Admin Number(s)  Click “OK” to save

10 Instructions – Admin Rights (Page 7) Watch Speed Limit Check “Green Mark” for Admin to receive alerts Max Speed Sets the speed at with the Admin will receive alerts Warn Interval Determines the time between alerts that the Admin receives while the Phone is in motion

11 Instructions – Set Time Out Page 8  Click “Time Out” icon to set the times that the keypad functions  Enter “Password” that you set up on installation (Admin Password)

12 Instructions – Set Time Out Page 9  Click “Add” button to add the time  Click the “Start Time” and set the clock  Click the “End Time” and set the clock  Select the “Day” that you want the times to be active  Press “Apply” to activate

13 Instructions – Set Time Out Page 10  To remove a time setting and erase it from the schedule, touch the time shown and Select “Yes” to delete it

14 Instructions – To Override Admin Page 11  Click “Admin Override” icon  Enter Password  Click “Enable/Disable Anti-Text” to allow/disable Texting

15 Instructions – Request Permission Page 12  Click “Request Permission” icon  Click “Down Arrow” to select number of Admin(s) to get permission from  Click “Request Permission” to send SMS to Admin

16 Instructions – Upgrade Page 13  Click “Upgrade” icon

17 Instructions – Uninstall Page 14  Click “Uninstall” icon  Enter the “Password” that you set upon installation (Admin Password)  Choose “Admin Login”

18 Instructions – Uninstall Page 15  Click “Uninstall” button  Click on “OK” button  Application has been successfully uninstalled

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