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SPORT & RECREATION SA Contribution to the prevention of Substance Abuse.

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1 SPORT & RECREATION SA Contribution to the prevention of Substance Abuse

2 GUIDING FRAMEWORK World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) –WADA Code International standard for testing International standard for laboratories International standard for therapeutic use exemptions List of Prohibited Substances and Methods Copenhagen Declaration UNESCO Convention ratification

3 SAIDS Established by an Act of Parliament, the South African Institute for Drug-Free Sport Act No. 14 of 1997 Primary objective: To promote the participation in sport free from the use of prohibited substances or methods intended to artificially enhance performance, thereby rendering impermissible doping practices, which are contrary to the principles of fair play and medical ethics, in the interest of the health and well being of sportspersons; and to provide for matters connected therewith.

4 SRSA STRATEGY Anti-Doping (performance enhancing drugs) through the South African Institute for Drug-Free Sport (SAIDS) Awareness against social drug abuse (Ke Moja Strategy) SRSA Mini-Drug Master Plan

5 DEMAND REDUCTION Continuous research to identify doping trends in different codes of sport (laboratory & SAIDS) Anti-Doping Education and Training material and programmes (prohibited list & harmful effects of these substances and methods) Intelligent testing Centralised tribunal – maximum sanction of 2 years and 2 nd offence, banned from sport Life skills training Ke Moja Strategy

6 SUPPLY REDUCTION Prevent entry and transportation of doping substances in the country – Collaboration with SAPS, SARS, and the DoT, among others through the CDA Arrest and prosecution of suppliers of prohibited substances

7 KE MOJA STRATEGY AIM: To create substance abuse awareness among the youth through the promotion of the Ke Moja brand Primary target: Youth at Risk (youth working & living on city streets) & rural youth Vehicles: –Training (train the trainer) –Sport & Recreation competitive activities

8 KE MOJA STRATEGY Train the trainer –Rural and inner city youth leaders trained in technical coaching & refereeing skills and on the Ke Moja Strategy –The youth return to their communities & function in youth nets as Ke Moja coaches/referees Sport & Recreation Competitive events –Youths from the youth nets compete against each other

9 KE MOJA STRATEGY 2008/9 technical training & competition in following codes: –Street soccer –Basketball –Indigenous Games Dibeke Kgati Iintonga Morabaraba

10 Challenges –Insufficient funding for demand reduction strategies (blood testing) –Insufficient funding for research including social impact of doping –Cooperation systems being established but opportunities for cooperation e.g. Social Development and Education attractive –Need to look at sports and possible impact e.g. Social Development proposal for hip hop

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