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Copyright: Basic Concepts Purpose of Copyright Law – To promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts – by securing for limited Times to Authors and.

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1 Copyright: Basic Concepts Purpose of Copyright Law – To promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts – by securing for limited Times to Authors and Inventors the exclusive Right to their respective Writings and Discoveries. (U.S. Constitution, Article 1, Section 8 (1789):

2 Copyright Basics Rights of Creator -Reproduce the work in whole or in part -Prepare derivative works, such as translations, dramatizations, and musical arrangements -Distribute copies of the work by sale, gift, rental, or loan -Publicly perform the work -Publicly display the work Fair Use Docterine …the fair use of a copyrighted work … for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching (including multiple copies for classroom use), scholarship, or research, is not an infringement of copyright.

3 Copyright Basics Fair Use Guidelines -The purpose and character of the use, including whether the use is of a commercial nature or is for nonprofit educational purposes; -The nature of the copyrighted work, such as whether the work is fiction or non- fiction, published or unpublished; -The amount of the work used in relation to the copyrighted work as a whole, such as using a poem in its entirety, or using one chapter from a long book; -The effect of the use upon the potential market for the copyrighted work.

4 Copyright Basic Concepts: Balance First Sale Doctrine (Right of First Sale) -A person who purchases a legally produced copyright work may sell, loan or give away that work

5 Copyright Basic Concepts: Balance 110 Classroom Teaching Limitation - Students and instructors may use, display, and perform sections of copyrighted works in a classroom setting – Legally obtained – Used for educational, as opposed to entertainment, purposes – Used in a classroom setting, or a setting traditionally used for teaching


7 Copyright Basic Concepts: Balance Digital Millennium Copyright Act 17 USC 1201 (DMCA) – forbids anyone from using, making, or distributing any technology or service that bypasses effective access controls – Exemptions Educational uses by college and university professors and by college and university film and media studies students

8 Copyright Basic Concepts: Balance TEACH Act – 110(2) – Films and other audiovisual works may be transmitted digitally, but not in their entirety. Only a reasonable and limited amount of a work can be used. – Original work must be legally acquired – Educational material designed for online courses is not covered – Items that would normally be in a course-pack are not covered

9 Remember Fair Use + – classroom limitation – TEACH act – DMCA Red Flag: If anyone starts spouting absolutes, be wary…remember, it is all about balance

10 Copyright Basic Concepts: Balance Judy? Originally I was thinking of addressing this topic, but I know that Judy touches on this in her part, so I will probably delete this part

11 Fair Use Analysis

12 Fair Use Analysis



15 Response Lola rennt - Teil 1 - Arbeitsblatt The following expressions are listed in the order in which they occur in this section of the movie. Match them with the correct translation / subtitle, and try to use them in class ___ Verdammta. And then? ___ Du bist (doch) immer pünktlichb. bum ___ (Das) ist egalc. Calm down ___ Was ist (denn) los?d. Damn it ___ Hilf mire. got it? ___ Ich weiß nicht, was ich machen soll.f. Help me ___ Ganz ruhigg. I don't know what to do [lit.: I don't know what I should do] ___ Und dann?h. It doesn't matter ___ der Penneri. Love can do everything ___ zu spätj. Shut up ___ Liebe kann allesk. Stay where you are ___ Halt die Klappel. too late ___ kapiert?m. What's wrong? What's going on? ___ Bleib, wo du bistn. You're always on time ___ Du spinnsto. You're nuts

16 Response 1. Schreiben Sie zwei von den einfachen [=simple] Fragen am Beginn des Films! [01:45 - 02:00] – a. W_________________________________________? – b. W_________________________________________? 2. Welche Farbe hat das Telefon? __________ Und die Telefonzelle? __________ 3. Lola hat _________ _________ Haare und Manni hat _________ _________ Haare. Ronnie hat _________ Haare. 4. Wo verliert [=loses] Manni die Tasche? – a. Im Busb. Im Autoc. In der U-Bahn [=subway]d. Auf der Straße [=street] 5. Wie viel Geld [=money] war in der Tasche? DM ___________________ 6. Wie viel Zeit hat Manni / hat Lola? _____ Minuten. 7. Bis [=until] wann wartet [=waits, will wait] Manni? Bis _________ Uhr. 8. Zu wem geht Lola? – a. Zu ihrem Vaterb. Zu ihrer Mutterc. Zu einem Freundd. Zu einer Freundin 9. Was möchte die Mutter? – a. Shampoob. Seife [=soap]c. DM 100.000d. Bier

17 Changes Move to Bluestream-centralized data access management system – Our in-house system was not designed to last, nor was it scalable – System modeled on UCLA streaming service – More security on media than our system had – less control over access dates UCLA lawsuit –suing university as well as naming individuals involved in Market developments: streaming and licensing is more widely available

18 Fair Use Analysis


20 Current Options Make Clips to stream Find market mechanism to stream If no such mechanism exists, evaluate for Fair Use

21 Commercial Streaming: one option VHS $169.95 DVD$169.95 DVD + 3-Year Streaming $254.93 3-Year Streaming $169.95 Streams from their servers Put behind CMS

22 So you want to stream…technical considerations ItemModelPrice Video Standards ConverterKDV 5000$139 9" Color Video MonitorJVC TM-9U$323 Combo DVD RecorderToshiba DVR670$149 Multi-standard VHS/DVD playerLG V271K-W1$149 DVD RecorderPanasonic DMR-ES15$150 MiniDV/S-VHS VCRJVC HR-DVS3U$690 Time Base CorrectorData Video TBC-1000$475 Streaming Video Server +memory array$10,000 Wirecast Software$500 $12,575

23 Data Management Considerations: User Interface Pather Panchali/Song of the Little Road Apu Goes to School Pather Panchali/Song of the Little Road Train Sequence Pather Panchali/Song of the Little Road Indir Dies Pather Panchali/Song of the Little Road Durga Dies Pather Panchali/Song of the Little Road Harihar Comes Home Pather Panchali/Song of the Little Road Ending Apu Goes to Train Indir Durga Harihar Comes


25 Data Management Considerations DC_Title Pather Panchali/Song of the Little Road Apu Goes to School DC_Creator Ray, Satyajit DC_Subject DC_Description 1950s Apu (Subir Bannerjee) goes to school. DC_Publisher Artificial Eye DC_Contributor DC_Date 1955 DC_Type DC_Format DVD 125 min 02:24, 987,2 MB, DC_Identifier Apu Goes to DC_Source DV DHC 23028 Disc 1 Region 2 Chapter 5, 00:19:13 DC_Language Bengali/English sub DC_Relation DC_Coverage DC_Rights M_Identifier M_Publisher01 M_Steward LSA Language Resource Center Dass, Manishita Notes The subtitles have been cut off

26 Is streaming the right solution for you? Streaming can be expensive, as well as time and labor intensive! Streaming is not an answer to reduced budgets!

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