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Engineering Economy By Professor Dr M Shahid Khalil.

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1 Engineering Economy By Professor Dr M Shahid Khalil


3 About My Self

4 Educational Background Doctor Of Philosophy (Ph.D) in Mechanical Engineering Institution : University of Sheffield, Sheffield, United Kingdom. Project Title : Procedure For The Indirect Measurement Of Contours Of Interface Pressure in Contact Phenomena. Field : Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Engineering (CAD/CAE) M. Sc. CAD/CAM Course Institution : University of Manchester Institute of S & Technology, (UMIST), UK Subject : CAD Principles, Simulation, Advanced Manufacturing, Robotics, Computer Aided Machining, Advanced Manufacturing System, etc. B.Sc. (Mechanical) Engineering Institution: University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore. Project title: An Automation of the Strip Rolling Mill. PG Diploma in Human Resource Management Institution : National University of Sciences and Technology, Rawalpindi Project Title : To Develop Human Resource Information System of NTC, Islamabad

5 Educational Background PG Diploma in Software Quality Management & Quality Management Institution : National University of Sciences and Technology, Rawalpindi Project Title : To Develop an online Database Information System of Public Sector Hospital, Rawalpindi Other Educational Qualifications Lead Auditor ISO 14001 E. A. R. A., U. K. Lead Auditor ISO 9000 I.R.C.A., U. K. Lead Auditor Quality Management in Laboratories for ISO 17025 Course on Social Accountability SA 8000 Course on Occupational Health and Safety 18001 Course on Auditing ISO 40001 Capability Maturity Model (CMM) for the Software Houses Quality Management System in Healthcare Internal Quality Auditing for QMS Japanese Methodologies at Workplace Improvement Total Quality Management in the Pakistani Environment Six Sigma for quality improvement “Accreditation and Certification used as International Tool for Global Trade” at National University of Sciences and Technology, Rawalpindi.

6 Area Of Specialization Computer Aided Design, Computer Aided Engineering and Manufacturing Machining and other Manufacturing processes Artificial Intelligence Management Information System in Services Industries Software Quality Management Advance Manufacturing and Production Experiences in Industrial Setup

7 Monitoring Evaluation, Implementation of R&D Projects Human Resource Management Quality Management System Quality System Auditing Standardization of Laboratories Project Management etc.

8 Professional Experiences M/S Saif Nadeem Kawasaki Motors Ltd. Haripur Worked as Shop In-charge in the Manufacturing Processes :- Welding Shop : Production of 50 Motor Cycles Frame daily Fabrication Shop : To fabricate Gates, Window pans, Railing, etc Electroplating Shop : Polish of Mud Guard, Sprockets, Wheel Rim Machine Shop : Electrical Discharge, Wire Cutting, CNC, Injection Molding Machine Assembly Shop : Assembly of Motorcycles for production. Quality Assurance of Motorcycles before Dispatch Heavy Mechanical Complex, Taxila Shop In-charge on the Machine Shop Floor Managed Production of Engineering Component for the Manufacturing of Sugar Plant, Cement Plant, Road Roller, Crane, Boiler, Belt Conveyor etc. from machining operations like Lathe, Shaper, Milling, Drilling, Planer, Slotting, Gear Hobbing, Grinding, Honing etc.

9 Professional Experiences Worked on AutoCAD Version 01 which was Dos based in 1985 at HMC Taxila. Taught Engineering Drawing on AutoCAD Versions 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14 to Draftsmen and Engineers for the Design, Development and Manufacturing of Mechanical Equipment related to Cement Plant, Sugar Plant, Road Roller etc.. Taught Third Party AutoCAD’s Software like PRO FLOW, PRO ISO, PRO PIPE, PRO PLANT etc to Draftsmen and Engineers for the production of Plant Drawings, Piping Layout, Instrumentation Diagrams of Plant etc. Inspection of Machined Components using Non Destructive Testing (NDT). Archiving of 40 years old Engineering Drawing using Scanner. CAD Image software used to convert raster image to vector image. Archiving of 40 years old Engineering Drawings of HMC in the form of Microfilming System.

10 Professional Experiences Developed Computer Aided Design Software in LISP Programming Language for design and drafting of Engineering equipments of Overhead Crane etc. Scanned drawings for the purpose of Archiving using Scanner and then convert raster to vector images for Acad12 using GTX Raster Cad Image Software. Deputy Technological Adviser, MoST, Govt of Pakistan Responsible for administration, coordination, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of more than 35 R & D Projects, PC-I, Working Papers etc from all the sister organizations of MoST, Private Sectors and individuals. Project of Grant-in-Aid for Contractual Research. Under this program, I was doing appraisal of R&D Projects of innovative nature which could be commercialized e.g indigenously development of Shuttle Less Loom, Pivot Irrigation System, Tissue Culture of Potatoes, Manufacturing of Solar equipment Consultancy Program for Industrial & Technology Development (CPITD). The purpose of this program was to help Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to improve industrial productivity and product quality to obtain ISO-9000 Certification. Gave grant of Rs 200,000 to the SMEs to cover the cost of Certification. 

11 Professional Experiences Associate Professor, National University of Sciences and Technology, Rawalpindi Worked as In charge Quality Management Representative for the implementation of ISO 9000 at HQ NUST, Rawalpindi and other Constituent Colleges of NUST. Worked for the promotion of University-Industrial Linkages through Consultancy Services for ISO 9000. Provided ISO Certification in more than 20 various Sectored Industries like Fauji Cereals, Fauji Metals, Heavy Mechanical Complex, Chemical, KNK Software House, Shezan, Creative Electronic Technology etc. Educational Institutions like EME College, Aeronautical College Risalpur, NFC Multan, NFC Faisalabad, Kakul Academy, Abottabad and PNS Hafeez Hospital, Islamabad. Conducted more than 50 seminars, workshops, Diploma Programs in the various cities across Pakistan on Quality issues and WTO matters. Conducted Quality Audit of more than 50 sectors industries on behalf of the Multinational Certification Bodies in Pakistan. Generated revenue to the tune of Rs 20.0 million within three years which results in the creation of new department as NUST Consulting, Islamabad.

12 Professional Experiences Chairman/Professor, Mechanical Engineering Dept., University of Engineering and Technology, Taxila Teaching Machine Design, AutoCAD 2000, Assembly of Engineering Drawing, Engineering Management In charge of CAD Labs in the Department of Mechanical Engineering Establishing Industrial Manufacturing Lab Member of the Interview Board of Pakistan Steel Mills Member of the Interview Board of Pakistan Ordinance Factories Member Post graduation Committee, Peshawar Refurbishment of Mechanical Engineering Labs In charge of Students Internship Program at UET, Taxila Focal person for the implementation of QMS ISO9000 at UET, Taxila

13 Professional Experiences Quality Auditor on behalf of Multinational Certification Bodies in Pakistan 1. Moody International Certification Body, UK. 2. Benchmark Certification, Australia 3. DQS German Registrar, Germany 4. TUV-Cert, Germany 5. SWISSO International, Switzerland 6. Q.E.C United Kingdom. 7. AFAQ, France

14 Publications Publications Fifty Publications in National/International Conferences e.g.USA, UK, France, Korea, Denmark, Japan, India, Nepal, Belgium, China, etc. Thirty Publications in National/International Refereed Journals Book Written Under process on the subject of Engineering Drawing for students of Engineering Fields

15 List Of Taught Courses Human Resource Management Manufacturing Processes CAD / CAM Organizational Behavior Quality Management System Artificial Intelligence Management Information System Engineering / Technology Management Project Management Total Quality Management Computer Aided Designing and Computer Aided Manufacturing Industrial Engineering Machine Design Engineering Drawing and Graphics AutoCAD Research Methodology

16 Role as a Supervisor Role as a Supervisor Approved Ph D. Supervisor, Higher Education Commission (HEC), Islamabad since January 2001 Supervising Five Ph D students at UET, Taxila Supervising MSc students at UET, Taxila Supervising BSc Students at UET, Taxila Visiting External Examiner BZU, Multan, NFC Institute Faisalabad, UET Peshawar, FJWU, Bahria University, Air University, CASE, NUML, IIU, Islamabad

17 Conduct Exams as External Examiners MED, Students at UET, Peshawar. NFC Institutes, Multan, Faisalabad Bahudin Zakaria, Multan University of Wah, Wah Cantt. EME College, NUST, Rawalpindi APCOM, Rawalpindi GIKI Topi, Swabi. Air University, Islamabad NUML, Islamabad IIU, Islamabad Bahria University, Islamabad. Hamdard University, Islamabad MBA and MPA students at Fatima Jinnah University, Rawalpindi

18 Supervised R & D Projects worth Rs. 70 Million in M/o Science and Technology (MoST), GOP, Islamabad. Development of Organic Fiber Chicken Mesh reinforced concrete corrugated roofing sheet for low cost housing construction scheme. Balancing and modernization of Pakistan Swedish Training Center, PCSIR, Karachi Review of the R & D activities of the beneficiaries of S & T Scholarship Schemes. Mass production of quality improved breed of indigenous sheep by embryo transfer technology at the center of Microbiology, Lahore Fiber Cement as substitute for asbestos cement product. Development and Fabrication of Water Trickle irrigation system. Development of low cost Green Tea processing unit. Fuel Saving Technologies Project in the automobile sector. Establishment of Electronic Laboratory for operation and maintenance of CNC Machine Tools at Machine Tool Factory (PMTF), Karachi. Establishment of Nucleating Center for Physics. Development and Dissemination of improved 50 Micro Hydro Electric Power Plants in NWFP, Northern Areas. Post Graduate program in Cryptology at the National University of Sciences and Technology, Rawalpindi. A polygon based wide field view Thermal Imaging System at College of Aeronautical Engineering, Risalpur Design and Development of Medical Decision Support System for Hospitals Development of Optical Linear Solar Concentrator Plant for production of steam. Development of Hythane Fueled Engine. Disposal of Infectious Solid Waste from Hospital by Incineration. Design and Development of Crypto System for Indigenous Production in the country. Development of Fuel Efficient Brick Kiln. Development of Water Resources Management Model for Chappel Valley, Balochistan

19 Supervised R & D Projects worth Rs. 70 Million in M/o Science and Technology (MoST), GOP, Islamabad. Production of Human Monoclonal Antibodies against Hepatitis B Virus. Development of Bio-Insecticides Formulation. Expansion of Reprographic facilities at PASTIC. Production of Solar Panels using the existing NIST facilities. Development of High Yielding Drought Salt Tolerance Tissue Culture. Establishment of Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing Center at the Heavy Mechanical Complex, Taxila. Pilot Plant development of industrially important Chemicals for dyes and other industries. Establishment of Welding Training Institute at HMC, Taxila. Establishment of Computer Aided Design facilities at the Karachi Shipyard and Engineering Works, Karachi. Surgical Grade Instruments Steel Development by PCSIR, Lahore. Design and Indigenous development of the Shuttle less Loom at Standard Engineering works, Faisalabad. Design and Development of Carbon Fiber and its Composites. Production and dissemination of high quality Potato Seed through Tissue Culture. Production of Organic Biological Fertilizer from the Indigenous Agro Based Industry Wastes. Design, Manufacture and Installation of Center Pivot Irrigation System. Design and Manufacturing of Solar Climate Systems of 3-5 tons capacity for the domestic air conditioning needs.

20 Received funds of Rs 80 M for Research and Development Receive Rs 70 Million/- at MoST Govt of Pakistan to supervise 35 R & D projects Pakistan To get award of $ 5000/- from the Japanese Energy company to undertake solar energy project of Ph D student. To get Rs 0.4 million for the research and development fund for Ph D students Received Rs 2. Million as R & D funds for establishment of Research project at UET. To get Rs 2.0 Million for Ph D at University of Sheffiled, UK. To receive Rs 200, 000/- as R & D funds for present research paper at University of Korea To receive Rs 224, 000/- as R & D funds for present research paper at Florida, USA To receive Rs 2,85, 000/- as R & D funds for present research paper at Chiba, Japan To receive Rs 89, 000/- as R & D funds for present research paper at IIT Roorkee, India. To receive Rs 1, 80, 000/- as R & D funds for present research paper at France Receive Rs 1,35, 000/- R & D funds for present paper at University of Southampton, UK To receive Rs 200, 000/- as R & D funds for present research paper at Denmark To receive Rs 235, 000/- as R & D funds for present research paper at Indonesia To receive Rs 129, 000/- as R & D funds for present research paper at Nepal To receive Rs 240, 000/- as R & D funds for present research paper at California, USA

21 Honors and Distinctions Prestigious award of $5000/- for research from the EISED Japanese company Working as Professor BS 21 at UET Taxila. Selected as sector expert from UET Taxila for the Federal Public Services Commission, Islamabad. Pakistan Engineering Council nominated as Mechanical Engg Expert for the Accreditation program in Pakistan Merit first position as Director General (Quality Assurance), HEC, Islamabad. Short listed for position as Director General (BPS 21), PASTIC, MoST, IBD. Nominated as Member Science (BPS 21), Pakistan Science Foundation, MoST, Govt of Pakistan, Islamabad Merit selection as Deputy Technological Adviser, Ministry of Science and Technology, GoP, Islamabad. Merit selection as Deputy Director Quality Management System at NUST HQ Rawalpindi Postgraduate Scholarship from Ministry of Sciences and Technology, on all Pakistan basis competition. Received a special grant from British Council during the Postgraduate Studies in the U.K..

22 Professional Memberships Member Society for Manufacturing Engineers (SME), USA Member of Society of IEEE, USA Member of American Society for Mechanical Engineers (ASME), USA International Registrar for Certificated Auditor (IRCA), United Kingdom. Associate of the Institute of Quality Assurance (AIQA), United Kingdom. Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC). Institution Of Engineers Pakistan (IEP). Pakistan Professional Associations (PPA) International, UK. Member of Asian Study Group (ASG) in Islamabad for the last Ten years. Member of Imperial College Alumni in Islamabad for the last eighteen years. Member of the Alumni of the University of Sheffield. Member of the Muslim Student Society (S.S.), Overseas S.S., Night line S.S., Student Member Expert in the Committee for Project of Advanced Manufacturing Labs at UET, Peshawar. Member: Review panel for research proposal Micro/Mini Hydel power generation at UET Peshawar. Committee Courses B-Tech Mechanical, PIMSAT, Islamabad. Member for Bachelors and Masters Mechanical Engineering Program, UET, Peshawar. Member: Selection Board, POF's Wah (Subject Specialist) Member: Selection Board, Pakistan Steel, Karachi (Subject Specialist) Member: committee for research collaboration with P.O.Fs Wah, MVRDE Rawalpindi, and HMC Member Organizing committee (NUST), International Workshop on Application of Emerging Technologies in Manufacturing Engineering.

23 Request submitted for Research Grants To submit $ 300, 000/- for research fund for the Solar power plant at Kerry Lugar Program, USA To submit $ 300, 000/- for research fund for the Wind Turbine power generation plant at Kerry Lugar Program, USA To submit Rs 20 M Research proposal for wind mapping at HEC, Islamabad To submit Rs 6 M Research proposal for installation of wind mast at HEC, Islamabad

24 Seminars / Conferences Attended To organize Free Seminars at NUST HQ for the promotions of PGD programs on Quality Management, Software Quality Management and HRM. To conduct number of seminars/workshops on ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 at HQ NUST Rawalpindi. A seminar has been presented in the University of Sheffield on "Experimental procedure to find the contour of pressure under the human foot", Conference paper on the Experimental Mechanics held in Copenhagen, Denmark from 20-24 August, 1990. Annual European Consortium for Mathematics in Industry in Limerick University, N. Ireland U.K., August 1991. 33rd International Conference on Computer and Industrial Engineering, Jeju Island, Korea w.e.f. 25-27th March 2004 Two paper were presented in the International conference on Technology Revamping and Up gradation and Exhibition of Engineering Materials, Parts, Equipment and Machinery, 12-13 April, 2004, Lahore. Three papers presented in the Intl conference of Association of Management Development Institutions, IBA-LUMS, 29-30th March, 2004, Karachi. A paper is presented in the PIQC Lahore Conference on Post WTO Scenario. A paper presented in CSIMTA04, Complex Systems, Intelligence and Modern Technology Applications, at Cherbourg, France. A paper was presented in ASME International Conference 2005 at Florida, USA

25 AIM To teach Engineering Economy to undergrad students to get benefit and enhanced knowledge and skills for their telecom engineering applications.

26 Objective of the Subject The objective of this subject is to provide Experiential knowledge through a study both for theoretical and practical applications.

27 Unfolding of Class Syllabus Unfolding of Class Syllabus Part-I  Course Topics Part-II  Evaluation and Course Weight age Part-III  Project Presentation and Report Submission

28 Part -I Part -I

29 Course Contents Types of Cost : Direct, Indirect, Overhead, Fixed, Variable, opportunity, sunk, etc. etc. Interest and Interest rate, Compound interest, etc. Time value of money, Various Payment series methods Cash Flow diagrams, Discounted cash flows Equivalence : Present worth, Annual equivalent costs Depreciations Internal rate of return, etc. Operational Research basics, Linear Programming : graphical method, simplex method

30 Part -II

31 Evaluation and Course Weight age

32 Engineering Economy Course work w.e.f. 3 rd September, 2012 to 15 th January, 2013 Mid Term Exam November Final Exam January Evaluation’s Criteria Evaluation’s Criteria 1. Assignments / Quizzes / Class Presentations 20 % 2. Midterm Exam20 % 3. Final Exam40 % 4. Project 20%

33 Course Materials Soft / Hard copy of slides/class notes will be provided to students, where applicable. Reference Books: Reference Books: –Engineering Economy by Degarmo –Engineering Economy by Chan S Park - An introduction of Operation Research by Taha Contact Nos : Mobile # 0300-5060 377 051 9047 675 Email address :, :

34 Part -III

35 Project Report Submission and Presentations Project Report Submission and Presentations Each student has to submit project on the specified date and time. Each student has to give presentation before the class. Report and presentation title will be given in a due course of time Report and presentations will carry equal marks. Report and presentation title will be given in a due course of time Report and presentations will carry equal marks. Each student has to search atleast one published paper from the internet related to their project title and submit it in the shape of hard copy (printed form) and its soft copy and ppt files on CD RW Rom. Each student has to search atleast one published paper from the internet related to their project title and submit it in the shape of hard copy (printed form) and its soft copy and ppt files on CD RW Rom.

36 Concluding Comments

37 Conclusion Theme of Engineering Economy will be the knowledge sharing from personal experiences. I hope that students will learn basics of this subject and apply in their field of specialization / job. Students will also learn practical applications of Engineering Economy from industries.



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