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EEE – September, 2003 RUPA- Unified Network for Public Agencies Claudio Brosco.

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1 EEE – September, 2003 RUPA- Unified Network for Public Agencies Claudio Brosco

2 2 EEE – September, 2003 Agenda RUPA overview RUPA today: highlights Architecture & Services Security Outcome of RUPA experience The Future

3 3 EEE – September, 2003 RUPA (Rete Unitaria delle Pubbliche Amministrazioni): Overview In 1998 Telecom Italia won the tender issued by AIPA (Authority for the IT in the Public Administration) for provision of an integrated network connecting Public Agencies As per conditions set in the Tender, Path.Net was created in 1999 by Telecom Italia with the task of operating the RUPA contract RUPA Contract characteristics: yearly price adjustment to lowest market fees very demanding SLA (Service Level Agreement) conditions Deployment of RUPA Customer Networks started in the year 2000: up to date it includes all Italian Government Agencies and Ministries and the main Local Agencies.

4 4 EEE – September, 2003 RUPA Overview Targets promoting electronic exchange of information among Public Agencies enforcing a common platform for data transmission allowing development towards the Italian e-Government model: Central PAs provide back office Applications to be utilized by Local PAs. These provide front office online services and information to the public or to enterprises (G2C and G2B). Access to services by citizens/enterprises is provided by means of Portals at PA premises or through the Internet (the official portal is

5 5 EEE – September, 2003 RUPA is widespread throughout Italy with POPs in 103 cities Up to date (August 2003) consolidated numbers: - 70 Public (Central and Local) Agencies - more than 7.700 sites connected RUPA today: POPs and Customers

6 6 EEE – September, 2003 RUPA today: Traffic

7 7 EEE – September, 2003 RUPA today: Speed distribution

8 8 EEE – September, 2003 RUPA today: economics Savings due to yearly price adjustment to lowest market fees Present total RUPA Costs: about 100 Millions per year

9 9 EEE – September, 2003 RUPA today: Principal Extranet Applications vehicles circulation tax Taxes DB Local territorial IS Income tax observatory Social Security DB Electronic Tax form Human Resources IS for Ministry of the Treasury PAs Electronic Fund Transfer PAs General Accountancy Ministry of Agricolture DB Court for Bankruptcies DB Jail System DB Enterprises Unified Portal Monitoring of Government Program

10 10 EEE – September, 2003 P.A. VPN Interconnecting Domain OLO/ISP ASP P.A. VPN CITIZENS & ENTERPRISES INTERNET Architecture & Services - 1 RUPA includes VPNs belonging to different Central PAs interconnected through single gateways. Also Local PA VPNs, private enterprises and citizens are connected through local network providers & Internet.

11 11 EEE – September, 2003 Architecture & Services - 2 Transport Services (for intranet, extranet and internet) IP and ATM on the entire italian territory (accessed by leased line, ISDN, XDSL, SDH local loop): up to 155Mb/s Metropolitan Area Network in major cities: up to 100Mb/s In preparation: multimedia services Management and professional services performance & traffic monitoring customer network management help desk and technical assistance 24x365 technical support in designing Customer VPN capacity planning

12 12 EEE – September, 2003 Security key issues 92% risk reduction measured through an Authority approved Risk Analysis algorithm. Conformance to International Standards for Security Continously updated Security System through Approved Procedures and yearly auditings Provided Security Services: Firewalling Antivirus Intrusion Detection Penetration tests Vulnerability assessment

13 13 EEE – September, 2003 Security Measures Secure Network Management Centre distributed through Independent Screened Subnets Intranet traffic segregation for each PA Extranet traffic interchange through secure gateways Access to the Internet through a single secure gateway; Up to date Intrusion Detection Systems Operators Authentication through Token System

14 14 EEE – September, 2003 Some relevant new projects on RUPA MIUR:An XDSL network for 11.000 schools (intranet & internet) INPS:Data Centre Business Continuity Min. della Giustizia:A customized Firewalling solution Regione Lazio:A network for e-Lazio Monopoli di Stato:Bingo network Ministero Interno:Demographic Services AGEA:A network for agriculture subsidies data transfer Several Central P.As.Metropolitan Area Networks

15 15 EEE – September, 2003 Outcome of RUPA experience Great reduction in costs/bandwith ratio for all services Increase of bandwidth demand by PAs (annual average increase of 39%) Standardization of applications networking in the PAs Fast provisioning of Customer links and low time to restore Increased Network Security Need for different standards of service according to Customer requirements Long time and high costs needed to change Network solution

16 16 EEE – September, 2003 The future: SPC (Sistema Pubblico di Connettività) Main targets: -To provide a shared infrastructure both for implementing PAs intranet as well for the interconnection between PAs, promoting the homogeneous development on the entire territory and saving as much as possible the assets/investments already been deployed. - SPC, although based on the Internet paradigmas, should offer guaranteed performances - Services should be diversified in terms of quality and security, depending on the different requirements - to allow interaction between PAs and the external environment (enterprises, research, citizens, etc.), providing diversified access privileges - to found a multivendor system that can leverage on the market opportunities

17 17 EEE – September, 2003 SPC Architecture (source: Centro Tecnico della Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri) T 3 Internet Qualified Internet ASP 1 Citizens & Enterprises PAC RUPAR PAL PAC RUPARPAL PAC RUPAR PAL Quality Monitoring Centre Security Management Centre National ISP Regional ISP Local ISP Other networks ASP 2 ASP 3 Provider 1 Provider 2 Provider 3 CERTIFIED PROVIDERS RULE 1 RULE 2 … QUALITY-SECURITY RULES

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