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Sheila Nolan Director of School Improvement

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1 Sheila Nolan Director of School Improvement

2 Specialist Resource Bases IN Mainstream Schools ‘


4 Greater emphasis on: Judging the progress made by different prior attainment groups – not an agregate score Consistency of the progress made by all groups Achievement of the MOST ABLE + PP Curriculum – NEXT STEPS

5 OUTSTANDING- Significant growth in students ’knowledge and excellent attitudes to learning’ Thoughtful and wide-ranging promotion of SMSC….and their physical development….. Teachers authoritatively impart knowledge….and use well judged imaginative strategies….together with clearly directed and timely support and intervention match individual needs accurately.

6 SUBSIDIARY GUIDANCE It is not appropriate to evaluate achievement according to students’ type of disablity or special educational need. Judgements on achievement should be based on an evaluation of their learning and progress from their starting points as measured by any assessment measures held by the school. Inspectors must consider the impact of these outcomes on the school’s overall attainment.

7 Available National Data on progress made by pupils below L1 of the National Curriculum at KS1 or KS2 should contribute to the evaluation of achievement alongside any additional analysis of progress carried out by the school.

8 National data are available as part of RoL and in the Progression Materials 2010-11 IEPs should be linked effectively to the Progression Matrices 2010-11 and RoL Transition Matrices.

9 Starting point for evaluation is that expected progress is the median level for pupils’ ages. Inspectors should evaluate the school’s arrangements for ensuring the accuracy of its performance data when considering P-levels. There is no statutory moderation of P- scales.

10 Behaviour and Safety Are reasonable adjustments made for pupils from within the specialist resource base to allow them to be included in school life? Are staff familiar with the guidance on the use of force and restraint?

11 Questions to consider Specialist advice and training for unit staff and mainstream staff? Does the environment promote the inclusion of the pupils from the unit ? Do all staff use resources and equipment appropriately for these students?

12 What is the effectiveness of joint working with other professionals in improving the outcomes for students? How well are these pupils prepared and supported in making decisionsabout the future?

13 Are those of you who have EYFS ensuring that children between 2 and 5 years are following the EYFS curriculum? How well does the whole- school/unit curriculum raise apirations and promote realistic progression opportunities?

14 Are there any particular safeguarding risks? Do you track communication skills, lieracy and numeracy for these students? How is this carried out in mainstream classes?

15 How well do teaching staff plan thoroughly for the deployment of specialist support staff? How well do they make use of agreed specialist approaches, advice or equipment? Are staff knowledgeable about any gaps between the outcomes for those pupils from the resource base and mainstream pupils?

16 Post-16 students Has the best possible outcome for these students been established? Has a pathway been developed to get there?

17 Post-16 students Communication Independence for living Health and Wellbeing Development and Expression of self Community Participation and inclusion Developing and maintaining Relationships

18 Criteria for considering the quality of evidence about achievement Post-16 students

19 - age and starting point - highlights individuals and groups - effectively moderated - objective, flexible and broad - challenging and informative - purposeful qualifications - relevant to next step or stage - cross-referenced across subject areas - destinations and sustainability - attendance and retention CRITERIA


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