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Scientific Method Lesson 2 1 Scientist _________________________________.

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1 Scientific Method Lesson 2 1 Scientist _________________________________

2 Do Now Put the following on the folder. – First and last name – Science – Period 9 2

3 Do Now HVBvM HVBvM In one sentence, summarize the video. What idea is being put forth in the video? If you could ask the two Scientist a question, What would it be? 3

4 Essential Question How can the scientific method be used to answer testable questions? __________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________ 4

5 Vocabulary Scientific method testable question non-testable question hypothesis variable control group 5

6 Pretest: What are the steps to the scientific method. List them below. 6

7 Steps of the Scientific Method 1.State the problem in the form of a testable question. 2.Research and gather information. 3.Form a hypothesis. 4.Perform an experiment. 5.Collect and analyze data. 6.Draw conclusions. 7

8 Do Now On the line paper you were given at the door, Respond to the following If you could do a science experiment of your own, what would it be? 8

9 What is the scientific method? 1.It is a simple method scientists use to conduct an investigation. 2.It is a way to ask & answer scientific questions by asking questions & conducting experiments. 9

10 1. Question/Problem 1.State the problem in the form of a testable question. 2. Ask a question about something observed. – Why? – How? – What? 3. Develop a question that is measurable or that can be tested. 10

11 What is a “Testable Question?” 1.A testable question is one that can be answerer by designing and conducting an experiment. 2.Testable questions are always about changing one thing to see what the effect is on another thing. 11 Testable Question Formats Does changing _______ affect _______? How does changing _____ affect _____? If I change ______ will it affect ______? independent variable independent variable independent variable dependent variable dependent variable dependent variable

12 Variables 1.A variable is something that can CHANGE. 2.Independent Variable: The variable that will changed by you- the scientist. A good experiment only has one independent variable. 3.Dependent Variable: The variable that is being measured in your experiment. The effect or outcome to the change you make using the independent variable. 12

13 Example: Does changing the height of the ramp affect the speed of the car going down the ramp? 13 What is the independent variable? Does changing the height of the ramp affect the speed of the car going down the ramp? What is the dependent variable? Does changing the height of the ramp affect the speed of the car going down the ramp?

14 Another Testable Question Does changing the amount of light affect the growth rate of plants? Identify the INDEPENDENT variable Identify the DEPENDENT variable Amount of light Growth rate 14

15 Is this a Testable Question? Why or Why not? What makes plants grow best? 15 How to Turn a General Question into a Testable Question 1.Think of a cause and an effect related to your question. 2.In this case, the idea is that you can change something to affect something about how a plant grows. 3.Controls are all the factors in your experiment that you want to remain constant. “What is the effect of soil type on plant height?” Controls for the plant experiment: type of plant growing conditions (sunlight, temperature, etc.) amount of water type of container

16 2. Research/Gather Information 1.Make observations. 2.Find out as much as you can about the topic. 16

17 3. Hypothesis 1.Educated guess about how things work. 2.Prediction that can be tested in an experiment. 3.Use If, then statements – If ____ [I do this], then _____ [this will happen] IMPORTANT- Focus on one variable only. 17

18 4. Experiment 1.A carefully designed procedure to test your hypothesis. 2.Change only one variable at a time. 3.Use a control or control group. One group must not be changed. 4.In order for results to be valid, conduct several tests. 5.Carefully collect observations and record your data in a data table. 18

19 4. Experiment Data table. – Numerical (quantitative) data organized in rows and columns – The specific independent variables are listed – The number of trials are listed – Blanks are left for the data (dependent variable) to be filled in 19 TrialVariable 1Variable 2Variable 3 1 2 3 4 5 6 AVERAGE

20 5. Collect and Analyze Data 1.What can your data tell you? 2.Create graphs or charts a. Graph the data to look for trends & relationships. 3.Use the average and the mean to compare data between two groups. 20

21 6. Conclusion 1.Summary of your experiment. 2.Use your data analysis to decide if your observations either support or do not support your hypothesis. 3.If your data does not support your hypothesis, give possible reasons to explain this. 4.How could you redesign your experiment with what you have learned? How could you improve your experiment? 21

22 Discuss With a shoulder partner, discuss why scientists use the scientific method. 22

23 Scientific Method Song Wry0 Wry0 23

24 24 Scientific Method Important Ideas 1. 2. 3. Why are these ideas important? 1. 2. 3. Which idea is relevant for today?Which idea (from above) interests you the most and why?

25 Partner Work Bikini Bottom ExperimentBikinibttmlab studentpkt-1.pdfBikinibttmlab studentpkt-1.pdf 25

26 Performance Task You have just been hired by DSL Digital Poster Company to design and create a Digital Poster for the scientific method. Your Digital Poster must include certain components outlined by the company’s CEO, CEO Lantzy. Using the online program Glogster, you will be able to showcase your poster making talents and demonstrate your understanding of the scientific method. 26

27 Glogster Glogster: Create and Explore Educational Content Online Glogster: Create and Explore Educational Content Online 27

28 Digital Poster Rubric Digital Poster Rubric.docx 28

29 Summarization Activity IN YOUR OWN WORD Describe to a neighbor in your own words how the scientific method can be used to answer a testable question. Write a summary or your discussion below. ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ 29

30 Scientific Method Quiz 30

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