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Scientific Method.

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1 Scientific Method

2 Steps of the Scientific Method
1. Question 2. Research 3. Hypothesis 4. Procedures/Materials 5. Analysis/results 6. Conclusion

3 1. Question What is your question you are trying to solve. Question should be testable, detailed, and should start with: Will If Does Can What Must be testable in the classroom. Can it be brought into the classroom? Is it too dangerous for the classroom?

4 What is a variable? It is what you are testing.
It is the one and ONLY thing you change in your experiment.

5 What is a control? There are many controls.
Controls are all the things you keep the SAME in an experiment to keep it fair.

6 2. Research: Gather data that will help you answer this question from different sources: Library Internet Specialists Observing Talk to people

7 3. Hypothesis: After doing research, you now can make an educated guess to what you think might be the answer to your question. It is okay if your hypothesis is wrong.

8 A good hypothesis answers the project question and then supports it with the research you have done.

9 Sample Hypothesis: I infer that ____________________________.
This hypothesis is based on the fact that in my research, I discovered that _______________. So my hypothesis is, if ___________________ then ________________.

10 4. Plan your experiment and get your materials:
Write down step by step instructions on what you plan to do to prove your hypothesis is correct. Also write down what materials you will need.

11 5. Analysis/results of experiment:
Write down what happened in your experiment. This step would include charts, graphs, tables as well as words to describe what happened.

12 6. Conclusion: This is your final write up about your experiment.
You include a brief explanation of your ENTIRE experiment.

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