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The Roots of Progressivism Objectives: What is Socialism? What do they want? Who was an important leader?

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1 The Roots of Progressivism Objectives: What is Socialism? What do they want? Who was an important leader?

2 Vocab/ Key People Muckraker: writers investigated social conditions and political corruption Direct Primary: all party members can vote for candidate to run Initiative: permitted group of citizens to introduce legislation Referendum: allowed citizens to vote on legislation Recall: allowed special election to replace rep Suffrage: the right to vote Prohibition: law stop production, sale and consumption of alcohol Robert M. La Follett: R. Governor model of progressive reform Carrie Chapman Catt: NAWSA leader mobilized suffrage movement

3 Progressives Progressivism oppose Laissez-faire economics – Industry and Urbanization created social problems – Consisted of urban, educated, middle class workers Science will fix the world – Light bulb, telephone, automobile

4 Muckrakers Keyed by Theodore Roosevelt Referred to Pilgrim’s Progress Obsessed with scandal and corruption Most focused on Industry Collected all stories into The Shame of the Cities

5 Govn’t Efficiency The Principles of Scientific Management – Break job into smaller parts – Gave less qualified jobs – City corruption Mayor or City Council gave jobs to friends Gave city services 2 solutions – Commision plan: many department – Council manager plan: city manager hired to run city

6 La Follette Rep. Governor model of progressive reform Party bosses controlled selection of candidates Wanted law for direct primaries To force govn’t to listen pushed for: – Imitative – Referendum – recall

7 Direct Election Congress elected by state legislature – Very corrupt New amendment passed for direct election – Meant to end corruption – Removed state check on federal power – 1913 17 th amendment passed

8 Suffrage Seneca Falls NY Stanton wanted Womens suffrage Many suffragists threatened – Abolitionist as well slavery came first – Fought for 15 th amendment to include women Republicans refuse – Split the women in 2 parties.

9 Only Wyoming, Idaho, Utah & Colorado gave women vote by 1900 NYC National Women's Suffrage Elizabeth Cady Stanton & Susan B Anthony 1869 Wanted new amendment Boston American Women's suffrage Association Lucy Stone & Julia Ward Howe Wanted to convince state legislatures

10 Support 1890 combined National American Woman Suffrage Association Wanted to vote for women’s work rights March 3, 1913 March on Washington Alice Paul split into National Women Party – Chained to light posts, picketed white house, blocked sidewalks, went on hunger strikes

11 More Support 1915 Carrie Chapman Catt: leader NAWSA – Gave support to Wilson’s reelection 1918 Senate put suffrage amendment out but fails by 2 votes Midterm beat out 2 anti suffrage senators 8/26/1920 19 th amendment gave women vote

12 Child Labor #1 Progressive Issue – Farms ok but factories and mines dangerous John Spargo “The Bitter Cry of the Children”

13 Health and Safety Workers Compensation- came about at this time – Paid families or individuals who were injured or killed on the job Lochner vs. New York – State could not limit a bakers hours to 10 per day Muller vs. Oregon – State could limit a women's hours

14 Prohibition Alcohol explains societies problems. – Leads to anger abuse and sickness – Hurt worker efficiency Led to the temperance movement – 1874 Women's Christian Temperance Movement 1911 250,000 members – 1893 Anti Saloon League Prohibition- law banning the manufacture sale and consumption of alcohol

15 Progressives vs. Big Business Big business destroys competition – 1890 Sherman Anti-Trust Act – 1887 Interstate Commerce Commission Many people pushed for Socialism – Govn’t controls all that affects basic life Eugene V Debs won nearly 1 million votes in 1912 for president

16 Assignment Create this graph and fill it in with the 6 Issues exposed by the muckrakers Problems Exposed by Muckrakers

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