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Unit 1 TEXAS.

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1 Unit 1 TEXAS



4 Physical Features


6 Escarpment Steep cliff or slope that separates two areas of land – caused by erosion

7 Basins A hollow or depression in the Earth’s surface wholly or partly surrounded by higher land

8 An elevated, level expanse of land
Plateau An elevated, level expanse of land

9 Buttes Steep-sided hills

10 Naturally flat-topped hills
Mesas Naturally flat-topped hills

11 Regions of Texas

12 +++++++++++++++++++++++++

13 A region is an area that is used to identify and organize areas of the Earth’s surface for various purposes

14 Physical Characteristics – Physical characteristics of places include landforms and soils, bodies and sources of water, vegetation, climate and weather patterns, and animal life.

15 Human characteristics of places include the language, religion, political systems, economic systems, population distribution, ethnicity, age, and standards of living.

16 Coastal Plains

17 Coastal Plains Slopes toward the Gulf of Mexico Largest region
Most populated part of Texas Covers 1/3 of the land of Texas

18 Flat and low Wooded land and Coastal sands Big Thicket National Preserve - forest in SE Texas Rivers - Brazos, Colorado, Trinity Good soils along rivers Plains, desert, hills

19 Climate: Hot and damp, humid Tornadoes, hurricanes 30-55 inches of rain per year

20 Natural Resources: Plants - pine trees, hardwood trees (elm, oak, cottonwood, pecan) Various Animals Minerals Bodies of water

21 Economic Resources: Farming Fishing Ranching Tree farms - lumber businesses Oil and gas (Spindletop 1901) Factories Ports

22 Major Cities Austin Houston Dallas (on the border of Central Plains)
San Antonio Texarkana Corpus Christi Brownsville

23 North Central Plains

24 North Central Plains Rolling grassy lands Thick grasses
Cross Timbers area - large areas of hardwood trees Limestone rock Higher elevation because limestone doesn't wear down easily Elevation decreases from west to east

25 Climate: Dry air Tornadoes Hot, short summer – cool to cold winters 20-30 inches of rain per year

26 Natural Resources: Limestone Minerals Streams Fertile lands for crops

27 Economic Resources: Farming - fruits, vegetables, watermelons, oats Ranching - cattle, angora goats (mohair) Cedar trees – fence posts Oil and gas

28 Major Cities Fort Worth Abilene Wichita Falls San Angelo

29 The Great Plains

30 The Great Plains Flat Few trees Canyons in North (Palo Duro Canyon)
Higher elevation than Central Plains Cap Rock Escarpment Edwards Plateau

31 Climate: Dry air Hot summers Cold winters Dust storms 16-20 inches of rain per year

32 Natural Resources: Short grasses Mesquite, cedar, pecan, and oak trees in Edward Plateau area Deer Wild turkeys

33 Economic Resources: Farming - cotton, wheat (irrigation from wells) Ranching - cattle, sheep, goat Oil and gas in the Permian Basin

34 Major Cities Amarillo & Lubbock in the Panhandle
Midland & Odessa in the Permian Basin Kerrville, Fredericksburg, & Del Rio in the Edwards Plateau area

35 Mountains and Basins

36 Mountains and Basins 150 mountains in the mountain ranges
Plateaus and basins Deserts Pecos and Rio Grande Rivers Big Bend National Park

37 Climate: Driest part of state 8 inches of rain per year, 20 in mountains Hot days, cool nights Hot short summers / cold winters

38 Natural Resources: Plants - short grasses, shrubs, desert plants in plateaus and basins; pine forests in mountains

39 Economic Resources: Ranching - cattle, sheep, goat Farming - cotton, fruits, vegetables, cantaloupes (irrigation in El Paso and Pecos River Valley) Oil and gas - part of Permian Basin

40 Major Cities El Paso Pecos Kermit & Monahans in Permian Basin area
Fort Davis, Marfa, & Alpine in Mountain area

41 Great Plains North Central Plains Mountains and Basins Coastal Plains

42 WARM UP / BELL RINGER 9-3-14 To be written in your composition book / spiral … Paragraph #1 Where in Texas do you want to visit ? Give at least 3 reasons why … Paragraph #2 Where in Texas would you NOT want to visit ? Give at least 3 reasons why … MUST be complete sentences AND your BEST handwriting !!

43 Label these on your map :
Four major regions of Texas Cities : Brownsville El Paso ******* Houston Austin Dallas Lubbock San Antonio Rivers: Brazos River Colorado River Rio Grande River Red River Neches River Sabine River

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