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Section 2-Revolution Brings Reform and Terror

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1 Section 2-Revolution Brings Reform and Terror

2 The Assembly Reforms France
The Rights of Man- A set of revolutionary ideas drafted by the National Assembly Said “men are born and remain free and equal in rights Life, liberty, security, and resistance to oppression Equal justice, freedom of speech, and freedom of religion

3 The Assembly Reforms France
A State-Controlled Church- Members of the National assembly focused on reforming the church Church lands were confiscated and they said church officials should be elected and paid by the state Catholic Church lost land and political independence The selling of church lands helped pay off France’s debt

4 Divisions Develop Legislative Assembly-
Legislative body who had the power to create laws and approve or reject declarations of war The king could still enforce laws

5 Divisions Develop Old issues caused the Legislative Assembly to split into three factions Radicals- Wanted massive gov. changes, opposed monarchy Moderates- Wanted only some changes to gov. Conservatives- Liked the idea of limited monarchy and only wanted a few gov. changes

6 War and Execution France at War-
As usual the war begins badly for France By summer of 1792 Prussian forces were advancing on Paris Aug 10th, 1792- 20,000 men stormed the Tuileries and captured Louie, Marie Antoinette and the kids Angry protesters raided the prisons and killed over 1,000 prisoners

7 War and Execution France at War- National Convention-
September 21st, 1792 New government of France Disposed of the King Dissolved the National Assembly Made France a republic Adult males were given the right to vote and hold political office

8 War and Execution Jacobins-
Radical members of the political organization that brought sweeping changes into the French Government Jean-Paul Marat- Jacobin writer who called for the deaths of those who still supported the king Guillotine- Quick and efficient way of beheading a criminal Louis XVI was executed this way

9 Terror Grips France Reign of Terror-
July 1793, Maximilien Robespierre became the leader of the Committee of Public Safety and ruled like a dictator During this time nearly 40,000 citizens were killed Including George Danton and Marie Antoinette 85% were peasants Reign of Terror ended in July 1794 with Robespierre’s capture and execution

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