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The Human Brain Nervous System Group Day A Block 3.

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1 The Human Brain Nervous System Group Day A Block 3

2 Brain Anatomy Weighs around 3 pounds or 1.4 Kilograms. Divided into four main areas: Brain Stem, Cerebellum, Diencephalon, and Cerebrum.

3 1. Brain Stem Located at the base of the Brain Regulates reflexes and basic involuntary actions. Regulates heart rate, breathing, sleeping, and blood pressure.


5 II. Cerebellum The second largest part of the brain. Coordinates muscle movement and controls balance. Receives information from spinal cord and other parts of the brain.


7 III. Diencephalon Composed of Thalamus, Hypothalamus, Epithalamus, and Subthalamus. Inner part of the brain. Relay system for sensory input. Interactive site for central nervous and endocrine system.


9 IV. Cerebrum Largest part of the brain. AKA Cerebral Cortex. Processing center for thought, language, memory, sensory information, and movement. The Cerebrum is divided into four different lobes that perform specific tasks.


11 I. Frontal Lobe Two frontal lobes. Directly behind forehead. Responsible for complex mental processes including: speech, thought, learning, emotion, and movement. Only some aspects of memory take place here.

12 II. Occipital Lobe Sits at the back of the brain behind the occipital bone. Main job is to process visual images.

13 III. Parietal Lobe Located on the sides of the upper part of the brain. Main Function is to interpret bodily sensations including: touch, temperature, and pain.

14 IV. Temporal Lobe Located on sides of lower part of the brain. Main function is to process sounds. Has a memory function as well. Sectors here assist with vision.

15 Interior Anatomy

16 Pons, Pituitary Gland, Pineal Gland Pons-Inside brain stem. Relay station for sensory information and movement. Regulates sleep. Pituitary-Part of endocrine system. Pineal Gland-Connected to our optic nerves and regulates sleep by secreting melatonin (hormone that causes sleepiness).

17 Fornix, Corpus Callosum, Midbrain Fornix-Wishbone shaped. Bundle of nerve fibers that connects certain parts of brain (limbic system). Corpus Callosum-Long band of nerve fibers between cerebral hemispheres. Communication between left and right sides of our brain. Midbrain-Located on top of brain stem. Delivers processed information regarding sight, hearing, and body movement.

18 Medulla Oblongata Lower portion of brain stem. Controls certain involuntary functions including: breathing, heartbeat, and blood pressure.


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