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Motion and Forces Review

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1 Motion and Forces Review
Unit 5

2 Velocity Speed Velocity 50 Miles per hour 25 m/s 50 mph
10 meters per second 50 miles per hour east 25 m/s towards home 50 mph left 10 meters per second up

3 Friction Occurs between all things in motion and contact
Always opposes motion Static > Kinetic Rolling < Sliding Slows things down.

4 Unbalanced Forces What would the result of forces on the box below be?

5 Newton’s 1st Law The law of inertia
No change in motion will occur without an unbalanced force.

6 Average Speed S= d/t

7 Inertia The tendency of an object to remain at rest or in motion
Newton’s 1st Law Depends on an objects mass but not velocity More massive objects have more inertia

8 Gravity Fundamental force of nature
Depends on mass of objects and distance between them. If Gravity decreases, weight decreases If Gravity decreases, mass remains the same

9 Newton’s 3rd Law Law of Action-Reaction Action Force = Reaction Force
For every action there is an opposite and equal reaction.

10 Newton’s 2nd Law Force = mass x acceleration F=ma
If a toy car is pushed with a 5 N force and has a mass of 10 kg what will it’s acceleration be?

11 Momentum Momentum= mass x velocity p=mv

12 Effect of forces

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