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Greenhouse Effect and Greenhouse Gases. GREENHOUSE FFECTFFECT.

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1 Greenhouse Effect and Greenhouse Gases


3 Main Greenhouse Gases Greenhouse GasChemical formula Anthropogenic sources (examples) Atmospheric Lifetime (years) GWP (100 year time horizon) Carbon DioxideCO 2 Fossil fuel combustion, deforestation, cement production 50-2001 Methane CH 4 fossil fuels, landfills, animal husbandry 1221 Nitrous OxideN2ON2Ofertilizer, fossil fuel combustion 120310 Fluorinated Gases variousindustrial processes various Global Warming Potential (GWP) is measure of how much a given mass of greenhouse gas is estimated to contribute to global warming. It is a relative scale which compares the gas to that of the same mass of carbon dioxide (whose GWP is by convention equal to 1).

4 Temperature and CO 2 Trends


6 Long-term trends in CO 2 concentrations and temperature

7 Modeled Observed Temperature and

8 Human vs. Natural Influences on Climate

9 Global and Continental Temperature Change

10 Projected increase in CO 2 concentration 800,000 years of carbon dioxide concentration

11 Sea Level Rise and Arctic Sea Ice

12 Change in Mean Global Sea Level

13 Sea Level Rise Global mean sea level in past and projected for future

14 Sea Ice Decline


16 Greenhouse Gas Emissions

17 Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions, 1970 to 2004

18 2006 U.S. GHG Emissions by Source U.S. Transportation GHG Emissions by Source

19 Greenhouse Gas Emissions by Country, 1990 and 2008

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