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The Consequences of Social Media on Adolescents and Families.

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1 The Consequences of Social Media on Adolescents and Families

2 I put my Grandma on Speed Dial I call that InstaGRAM!

3 Target Goals for Tonight’s Presentation: Provide GPPSS data on current Social Media use Benefits of Social Media Concerns Regarding Social Media How to stay connected with your child Parent/Child contracts Parent Resources

4 During the week of October 5, 2015, we asked over 1500 students from Brownell, Parcells, and Pierce the following questions:

5 Do you have a cell phone? Have you viewed a video on YouTube? Have you posted a video on YouTube? Do you have a personal Facebook account?

6 Do you use Google to search the internet? Do you use Twitter? Do you use Instagram? Do you use Snapchat?

7 Benefits of Social Media (CNN study) Connect with friends See what other people are doing Feel affirmed, supported, lifted up Exercise positive leadership Stay connected with parents

8 Concerns Regarding Social Media (CNN study) Amount of time spent checking social media feeds Anxiety about what’s going on online Need to monitor their own popularity status Gain revenge through words, pictures, photos Addicting

9 What can a parent do? Sign up for the social networks your children use and follow them Talk to your child. Children whose parents were involved in their social media lives were less likely to remain upset about online happenings Monitor your child’s accounts Encourage your child not to keep score (likes, tagging, photos, etc.) Put your phone down and do something physical

10 Handouts of Resources from Attorney General Bill Schuette’s Office Parental Controls for Social Networking Sites Online Parental Gaming Controls Search Engine Safety Tips Social Networking Discussion Questions Social Networking Action Plan Sites, Apps, Warning Signs, and Safety Tips Online Safety Contract

11 STAND Contract for Life from Brownell/Parcells Social Worker Susan Fell and Brownell teacher Joanna Porvin

12 #Being13: Inside the Secret World of Teens Originally aired on October 6

13 Thank you for attending tonight!

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