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2 INTRODUCTION For this assignment, you are required to respond to one of the essay questions about The Kite Runner listed on your assignment handout, in a formal essay It is expected that you use the guidelines discussed on your assignment handout, and elaborated on in this presentation, to guide your response This assignment will be completed and graded in 3 parts: An essay outline – due FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 9 A peer edit – rough draft due MONDAY, NOVEMBER 19 A good copy – due TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 27


4 INTRODUCTION Hook  an interesting sentence that begins your essay Should introduce your topic, and capture your reader’s interest Thesis  1 sentence, your response to the essay question Be assertive; state your opinion like you mean it! Plan  1-2 sentences which outline the 3 main points of your argument Be succinct; don’t give your entire essay away at the outset!

5 BODY PARAGRAPHS Transition  1 sentence which progresses your essay from point to point Re-state your main point, and list your 3 sub-points Reason  re-state your sub-point Be sure this is done in new language Text Example  support your idea with a direct or indirect quotation from the text Remember to put direct quotes in quotation marks, and to cite page numbers  for example: “This is my quote” (1). Connection to Thesis  state how this point relates to your main argument Remind your reader of your main argument

6 CONCLUSION Re-state Thesis  reiterate your main argument by re-stating it Remember to re-phrase as well Re-state Main Points  list your 3 main points once more at the end of your essay Again, re-phrase Broader Concluding Statement  finish your paper with a general statement about your thesis and its significance to the understanding of this novel Leave your reader with some food for thought – keep them thinking about your perspective on this novel


8 WITH A PARTNER, DECIDE WHICH OF THE FOLLOWING IS THE BEST THESIS. 1.Khaled Hosseini is my new favourite author because The Kite Runner is the best book I’ve ever read. 2.Why is this novel set in Afghanistan? 3.Hassan is the most charitable character in the novel. 4.Amir and Hassan grew up together in Afghanistan. 5.“A boy who won’t stand up for himself becomes a man who can’t stand up to anything.”

9 ANSWERS TO “THESIS, OR NOT A THESIS?” 1.NOT A THESIS! A thesis should state your opinion, but should be able to be supported by facts. 2.NOT A THESIS! A thesis is never a question. 3.THIS IS A THESIS! This one statement clearly expresses the essayists’ opinion in succinct, direct language. 4.NOT A THESIS! A thesis is not a fact, it is a justifiable opinion. 5.NOT A THESIS! A thesis is never a direct quotation from a novel; rather, it is your own opinion stated in your own words.


11 FORMATTING YOUR WORK First page, at the top left, double spaced: Your Name (first and last) Course Code and Section (ENG 2D1-01) Teacher’s Name (Ms. Mauer) Due Date (Tuesday, November 27, 2012) Title of your essay Centered, on its own line Page numbers: Top right Your last name in the header, justified to the right Every page: INDENT AT THE START OF EACH NEW PARAGRAPH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1 inch margins Double spaced 12-point, Times New Roman font

12 DIRECT QUOTATIONS Direct Quotation  words that are not your own, but are borrowed from the text and appear in your own writing exactly as they appear in the text Put in quotation marks. If there are multiple speakers, bookmark the lines of each speaker with an apostrophe. Set the scene – who is present? Where? When? Why? (do this succinctly, in 1-2 sentences; avoid excessive plot summary!) If the quote runs for longer than 3 lines, begin the quote on a new line, indent, and single space it. Use a colon (:) to set this up. Cite with page numbers, in brackets, at the end of the quotation. This goes OUTSIDE of the quotation marks. If the quote ends with a period, put the period outside of the citation bracket INSTEAD OF within the quotation. If the quote does not end with a period, include the grammatical mark inside the quotation, and place a period at the end of the citation.

13 INDIRECT QUOTATIONS Indirect Quotation  ideas or situations from the text that you’ve paraphrased DO NOT put an indirect quotation in quotation marks! Avoid excessive plot summary – be sure that you set the scene in a similar way that you would a direct quotation, but remember you are providing support from the text for your argument, not re-telling the novel. Choose your words accordingly. Cite in the same way you would a direct quotation. Put the period outside the citation brackets, at the end of the last sentence of your indirect quotation.

14 WORKS CITED PAGE This is its own page, at the end of your work The title “Works Cited” should be centered at the top of this page This page should still be numbered and display your last name as all previous pages of your essay should This DOES NOT count as the final page of your essay (i.e. this is not page 4!) Citations are double spaced, and in alphabetical order by the first word that occurs in your citations

15 HOW TO CITE A NOVEL Author’s Last Name, Author’s First Name. Title of the Novel in Italics. Place of Publication: Name of Publisher, Year of Publication. FOR THIS ESSAY, THIS IS THE ONLY CITED WORK THAT YOU ARE EXPECTED TO INCLUDE!

16 FINAL THOUGHTS Don’t be afraid to check in with your teacher if you have any questions or concerns. Be sure you do so well before the due date for each stage, though! Refer to this PowerPoint if you need to – it will be posted on our course website ( Remember our due dates, and have each stage of your work ready to hand in when it’s due. This process work counts for HALF of your grade for this assignment! Essay Outline – due Friday, November 9 Peer Edit – Monday, November 19 (bring a rough draft) Good Copy – due Tuesday, November 27


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