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Human Needs. Needs are a lack of something required or desired. Needs motivate us to act.

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1 Human Needs

2 Needs are a lack of something required or desired. Needs motivate us to act.

3 Abraham Maslow Noted psychologist who developed a hierarchy of needs.

4 Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Maslow defined a hierarchy of human needs that stated that the lower needs must be met before an individual strive to meet high needs.

5 What are Maslow’s Human Needs? Can you guess what Maslow’s levels of needs are?


7 Physical needs Food Water Air/Oxygen Sleep Protection/Shelter Elimination Motor needs Sensory needs These needs are essential for life; if unmet, these needs lead to death. What did Maslow mean by physical needs? What physical needs does every person have?

8 Physical needs Consider these questions? Are you meeting these needs for your well being and good health? Who provides these needs for you? Could you provide these needs for a baby?

9 Safety and Security Needs Need to be free from anxiety and fear Need to be secure in the environment Need for order and routine How do these safety and security needs relate to you?

10 Safety and Security Needs Which of these are met for you? Who provides these needs for you? Which of these needs could you provide for a baby?

11 Love/Affection, Acceptance, and Belongingness Needs Social acceptance, friendships, family, to be loved, affectionate relationships in general Need to belong, to relate to others Sexuality: Person’s feelings/attitude toward their masculine/feminine nature Ability to give and receive love and affection Reproductive capabilities

12 What are some examples of love and acceptance you see in your life?

13 Esteem Needs Feeling important and worthwhile – includes respect, approval, appreciation Engagement in activities that bring achievement, success, and recognition Growth of self confidence which directs our actions toward becoming what we WANT to be

14 Self esteem: the need for respect of others the need for status, recognition, dignity Self respect: confidencecompetence achievement, independencefreedom

15 Self-actualization Self realization Obtaining our full potential Becoming confident Eager to express our beliefs A willingness to reach out to others to help them

16 According to Maslow, only a small percentage of the world’s population is truly, predominantly, self-actualizing.

17 Can you think of people who fit into the self- actualization category?

18 Self-actualization Knowledge and appreciation of beauty, goodness, freedom and a realistic view and acceptance of self and others. Reality-centered: differentiate what is fake and dishonest from what is real and genuine. Problem-centered: treating life’s difficulties as problems demanding solutions, not as personal troubles to be railed at or surrendered to. Different perception of means and ends : felt that the ends don’t necessarily justify the means, that the means could be ends themselves, and that the means -- the journey -- was often more important than the ends.

19 To meet our human needs, we usually learn what works by trial and error. When needs are felt, individuals are motivated or stimulated to act. If the need is met, satisfaction of a feeling of pleasure or fulfillment occurs. If a need is unmet, tension or frustration occurs.

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