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Unit 5: The Progressive Era (1890 – 1920) The Immigrant Experience.

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1 Unit 5: The Progressive Era (1890 – 1920) The Immigrant Experience

2 Bell Ringer Famous Immigrants to the U.S. Charles Atlas (Italy) Irving Berlin (Belarus) Max Factor (Poland) Frank Capra (Italy) Bela Lugosi (Hungary) Bob Hope (England) Lucky Luciano (Italy) Lou Gehrig (son of German Immigrants) Knute Rockne (Norway) Rudolph Valentino (Italy) Mike Strank (Czechoslovakia) Ettore Boiardi (Italy) Hyman Rickover (Russia) Yogi Berra (son of Italian Immigrants)

3 Old Immigrants vs. New Immigrants 1865 –U.S. Population = 31.5 Million 1865–1920 – 30 Million Immigrants entered the U.S. Most from Europe. 1840–1880 – Most from N & W Europe. These were the Old Immigrants. 1880-1920 – New Immigrants from E & S Europe (Slavs, Italians, Russians, and many Jews; Culturally different from Old Immigrants & many didn’t assimilate well ).

4 Why did they come? Push Factors Factors that caused them to leave home Wars Famines Lack of Freedom Lack of Opportunity No Jobs or Land Pull Factors Factors that drew them to America Freedom Desire to Own Land Mostly the availability of Jobs

5 Identifying Pushes and Pulls Handout 3-33 Examine the 12 Facts. Complete T-Chart for Pushes/ Pulls List the reasons people came to America and classify them as Pushes/ Pulls

6 Ellis Island, NYC (1892-1954) By 1900, crossing took 7 days Most traveled in the steerage b/c it was cheaper 12 Million came (2% failed physicals) Most lived in ghettoes Discrimination/ Nativism were common

7 Immigrants from Asia Angel Island, SF (1910) – Most Asians came into here Chinese Exclusion Act (1882), 92, & 02 Gentlemen’s Agreement with Japan (1907) Webb-Alien Land Law (CA) – prevented land ownership by aliens

8 Immigrants from Latin America 1900-1920 more than 10% of Mexico’s population came to the U.S. Settled in CA and S.W. U.S. WW I created labor shortage in mines and on farms

9 Shutting the Golden Door Xenophobia – the fear of immigrants Nativism – the belief that native-born white Americans were superior to newcomers Emergency Quota Act of 1921 (3% or 1910 Census) Immigration Act of 1924 (2% of 1890 Census) End of WW I in 1918 saw a revival of the KKK

10 Exit Slip – Immigration 1. The major port of entry after 1892 for European immigrants to America? a. Long Islandb. Ellis Island 2. Immigrants who came mostly from countries of Eastern and Southern Europe? a. New Immigrants b. Old Immigrants 3.Most of the 12 million who came to the U.S. in NYC were turned away. a. Trueb. False 4. Most immigrants from Asia arrived here? a. San Diego, CAb. San Francisco, CA

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