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10th Grade American History

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1 10th Grade American History
Women’s Right to Vote Kayla Webb EDTC 3711, MWF, 9-950

2 Women’s Right to Vote Timeline
The federal woman suffrage amendment, originally written by Susan B. Anthony and introduced to Congress in 1878, is passed by the House of Representatives and the Senate. The first women’s rights convention is held in Seneca, NY. Later known as the Seneca Convention. Colorado is the first state to adopt an amendment to allow women to vote. On Aug. 26th the 19th Amendment to the Constitution is passed allowing women the right to vote. The National Women’s Party is formed to work towards the federal passage of an amendment allowing women to vote. The National Women Suffrage Association and the American Women Suffrage Association merge to form the National American Woman Suffrage Association (NAWSA). Figure 1. “Women’s Right to Vote Timeline.” Personal Figure

3 Susan B. Anthony Figure 2. “Susan B. Anthony.” Library of Congress

4 Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Figure 3. “Elizabeth Cady Stanton.” Library of Congress. n.d.

5 Alice Paul Figure 4. “Alice Paul and Suffrage Flag.” Library of Congress

6 Lucy Burns Figure 5. “Miss Lucy Burns.” Library of Congress

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8 References Divine, O. A., Breen, T. H., Fredrickson, G. M., Williams, H., Gross, A. J., & Brands, H. W. (2010). America past and present (vol. 2)(9th ed.). New York, NY: Pearson. List of Figures Figure 1, Women’s Right to Vote Timeline, Kayla Webb, Figure 2, Susan B. Anthony, Library of Congress, Retrieved from Figure 3, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Library of Congress, n.d.. Retrieved from Figure 4, Alice Paul and Suffrage Flag, Library of Congress, Retrieved from Figure 5, Miss Lucy Burns, Library of Congress, Retrieved from

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