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Mongolian Saker Falcon Food Chains

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1 Mongolian Saker Falcon Food Chains
Top Predator

2 Food Chains A food chain shows the different organisms that live in a habitat, and what eats what Food chains show a transfer of energy from one life form to another

3 Producers Photosynthesis A food chain always starts with a producer
A producer is an organism that makes its own food A plant uses light from the sun, carbon dioxide and water to produce food in the form of glucose/sugar This process is called …… Photosynthesis

4 Herbivore Carnivore Omnivore
Consumers Animals cannot make their own food, they eat (consume) plants or other animals Animals are consumers, there are 3 groups Herbivore only eats Carnivore only eats Omnivore eats both

5 Decomposers Fungi and bacteria are decomposers
They are important part of the food chain, they break down material and return nutrients to the soil

6 Animals eat food to get energy
Herbivore Consumer Primary consumer Producer Omnivore Consumer Consumer Carnivore Tertiary consumer Secondary consumer

7 Why is it important to conserve falcons?
Top predator in the food chain A loss or reduction in numbers of predators can effect the food web and ecosystem. If rodent populations increase, grasslands can be effected, which in turn affects livestock

8 Predator prey predator FOOD WEB
……………… is an animal that eats other animals The animal the predator eats is called ……….. Most prey have more than one ………………… When all food chains in a habitat are joined up together they form a …. prey predator FOOD WEB

9 Acknowledgements

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