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New Social Security Powers for Scotland Ann McVie Scottish Government 3 September 2015.

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1 New Social Security Powers for Scotland Ann McVie Scottish Government 3 September 2015

2 Benefit expenditure to be devolved In 2013/14, £205.2 billion was spent on benefits in Great Britain, of which £17.5 billion (8.5 %) was spent on individuals in Scotland, excluding CTR and SWF. The Commission’s proposals would devolve around £2.6 billion (14.6%) of Scottish benefit expenditure to the Scottish Parliament. Note: figures may not sum due to rounding

3 Partial Devolution UC flexibilities & administration; housing flexibilities New arrangements for the Motability Scheme Full Devolution Benefits for carers, disabled people and those who are ill The Regulated Social Fund Discretionary Housing Payments Additional Powers Powers to top up reserved benefits Powers to establish employment schemes to assist LTU/ disabled people What is in the Scotland Bill for Welfare and Employment?

4 Benefits for people out of workBenefits for elderly peopleBenefits for people who are ill or disabled Income SupportFinancial Assistance SchemeAttendance Allowance In Work Credit & Return to WorkPension CreditCarer’s Allowance CreditState PensionDisability Living Allowance Jobseeker’s Allowance State Pension TransfersEmployment & Support Allowance TV LicencesIncapacity Benefit Winter Fuel PaymentsIndustrial Injuries Personal Independence Payment Severe Disablement Allowance Specialised Vehicles fund Statutory Sick Pay Vaccine Damage Payments Benefits for families with childrenBenefits for people on low incomesOther Child BenefitCouncil Tax ReductionBereavement benefits Child Tax CreditDiscretionary Housing PaymentsChristmas bonus Guardians AllowanceScottish Welfare FundUniversal Credit Maternity AllowanceSocial Fund (regulated) Statutory Maternity PayWorking Tax Credit Housing Benefit Universal Credit

5 Stakeholder Engagement Ensuring a co-ordinated approach to engagement opportunities aligning with other key areas such as Fairer Scotland conversation and Employability. Raising awareness and understanding of new powers in key target groups – talks, newsletter, webpages. Engaging stakeholders and people on benefits with regular opportunities to feed their views into the process for policy development on new powers – asking for views, dialogue apps, talking to people. Developing our understanding of the needs and position of our stakeholders and people with experience of benefits.

6 Looking for views Latest news on social security powers in Scotland. View this email in your browser Welcome to the social security newsletter. This letter will be used to update on progress, highlight events and allow you the chance to have your say on new social security powers. Fairer Scotland- Social Security week This week has been social security week. On Monday we heard from Peter Kelly of the Poverty Alliance. Tuesday we launched a dialogue app on Universal Credit Wednesday saw blogs on the Regulated Social Fund Thursday saw case studies from the Scottish Welfare Fund Next week is the turn of Employment. Keep up to date at Peter Kelly Universal Credit Regulated Social FundScottish Welfare Fund

7 Challenges and Opportunities Funding – tight fiscal context Timescales - tension between moving quickly and getting it right Delivery – accessible, efficient, treating people with dignity and respect Integration - with DWP benefits, as well as existing services in Scotland

8 Scotland Bill UC flexibilities agreed Scottish Government policy proposals 2015 New Scotland Act Work continues on transition Scottish Parliamentary legislation begins 2016 UC roll out continues per UKG timetable Work continues on transition Scottish social security system emerges 2017 onwards UK General Election Scottish Parliament Elections Scottish Local Government Elections Timetable

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