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GHS Course Selection 2015-16. Today we will…….. ●Review the Course Selection and Arena Scheduling processes. ●Review your most current transcript. ●Review.

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1 GHS Course Selection 2015-16

2 Today we will…….. ●Review the Course Selection and Arena Scheduling processes. ●Review your most current transcript. ●Review Graduation Requirements ●Enter your Endorsement in Skyward ●Begin entering your courses for next year in Skyward.

3 Distribution of Materials ●Your transcript ●A Course Selection Sheet

4 Online Arena Scheduling Process Step 1: Course Selection - Students request courses (Jan 26 – Feb.16) Step 2: Administration builds Master Schedule Step 3: Arena Scheduling - Students create schedule through Skyward Student Access during March through May.

5 REMEMBER!! Choose course requests wisely! Use your resources such as your transcript, the Program of Studies, your 4 year plan, your parents, your teachers, your counselors, etc. The courses you request during course selection determine the classes you may register for during Arena Scheduling. If you choose not to create a schedule, one will be created for you.

6 Graduation Requirements 4 Credits from each of the 4 Core Subjects (English, History, Math, Science) 2 Credits of a Foreign Language (3 for DAP) 1 Technology 1 Fine Arts 1 PE.5 Health.5 Speech (Professional Communication) *Plus Electives to reach 26 credits **DAP requires 4 advanced measures

7 Transcript Review Use your transcript to identify what graduation requirements you have already obtained so you can plan what classes you need to select for next year. Remember...your transcript is: o A legal document that should be kept secure. o Confidential – please do not share information with other students o Contains G.P.A only - No Rank o Top 10% Juniors will have a certificate of rank  Sophomores will be ranked at the end of the Spring Semester.

8 Transcript Review Make sure you have credit for each high school class you have taken and passed in middle school or in summer school such as: ❖ Algebra I ❖ Foreign Language ❖ Touch Systems Data Entry ❖ Concepts of Engineering ❖ Principles of Human Service ❖ Reading ❖ Health ❖ Speech

9 Hints for course selection Choose classes that will challenge, but not overwhelm you. If you have not previously taken PAP/AP classes and would like to consider PAP/AP classes this year consult with your current teacher for their recommendation. Choose classes based on your post secondary goals and interests NOT what classes your friends are choosing. Gains in G.P.A and class rank come from a combination of challenging courses AND good grades. Talk to your teacher for advi ce!

10 Program of Studies Book Please review the many different elective choices available in the Program of Studies (POS). A description of each course is available and can help you make choices about classes that will be of interest to you. The POS is located on the GCISD website under parents and students tab. A link to the POS is also on the GHS Counseling webpage.

11 Beginning the Course Selection Process ● Use your Course Selection Sheet to plan out the courses you need and want to take next year. ● If you have your 4 year plan use it to make sure you are following your plan.

12 Required Courses - ENGLISH What English class do you need to take next year? Four years of English are required for graduation. o English I o English II o English III o English IV

13 Required Courses - MATH What Math class do you wish to take next year? Students are required to take four Math courses. ❖ Algebra 1 ❖ Geometry ❖ Algebra II ❖ 4 th year math ❖ Math Models will satisfy one of the 4 required math credits. Students must complete Math Models prior to Algebra II.

14 Required Courses - SCIENCE What Science class do you wish to take next year? Students are required to take four science courses. ❖ Biology ❖ Chemistry ❖ Physics ❖ Advanced Science

15 Required Courses – Social Studies What social studies class do you wish to take next year? Students are required to take four social studies courses. o World Geography o World History o United States History o U.S. Government (0.5 credit) o Economics (0.5 credit)

16 Additional Required Courses Speech - (Professional Communications).5 credits Health -.5 credits Fine Arts – 1 credit Foreign Language – 2 credits (3 for DAP) Technology – 1 credit – noted with (T) on selection sheet Physical Education – 1 credit Electives – All students will have at least 4 electives but many will have more than 4.

17 Courses & Alternates Make sure to fill in enough courses to make a full 8 period schedule. (A & B days) You will be able to go back after today and work on these requests with your parents at home until Feb 16 th. At that time Skyward will close and you will not be able to make further changes to your requests.

18 Alternate Courses You must enter a total of 5 credits of alternate courses into Skyward. (10 semesters) The only classes you will have access to register for during arena scheduling are your requested courses and alternates. Choose wisely! If you don’t include alternates in your requests, you can’t see it during Arena Scheduling and will not be able to schedule that class!!

19 Important Reminders Make sure you put in courses to fill your 8 class periods + your alternates. If we don’t know what classes you want we can not build a master schedule to meet your needs!! More courses now = More options during Arena Scheduling CHOOSE WISELY!!

20 Important Reminders (Dual) If you are interested in taking a Dual course next year, you and a parent/guardian must attend 1 of 2 mandatory meetings offered on the following dates to find out if Dual is right for you: Wed., February 11th at 6:30 p.m. (GHS Aud.) -OR- Tues., February 24th at 6:30 p.m. (CHHS Aud.) GHS and CHHS students can attend either mandatory meeting session regardless of home high school.

21 Course Numbers For full year classes you will need to enter both semesters ( ex. 0101A and 0101B)

22 Next Steps Students will create their schedules during the arena scheduling windows listed below: Rising Seniors – March 30-April 1st Rising Juniors April 13-15th Rising Sophomores April 27-29th Rising Freshmen May 11-14 th An instructional video is at the end of this presentation and will be posted on the school website prior to opening of the arena scheduling windows.

23 Schedule Change Policy Students are expected to make informed and wise decisions during the course selection process. Because student course requests determine master schedule construction and personnel allocation, all course change requests must be made by June 8-12 or Aug 3-6. After that, student schedule changes that include extenuating circumstances will be considered on an individual basis with campus administrator approval and space availability. Examples of acceptable reasons for extenuating circumstances: - Selected for a higher level activity such as band, choir, etc. - Previously earned credit for course. - Course needed for graduation. - Desire to move to Pre-AP, AP.

24 Leveling Down Within the first semester, students will be allowed to level down from Pre-AP, AP, or GT courses at the end of the 3-week point, 6-week point, and at the end of the first semester (pending space and availability).

25 More About Schedule Changes Remember….students will have two opportunities to request adjustments to their schedules once built through the arena scheduling process. June 8-12 and August 3-6 ONE request per student may be submitted electronically during each window on the counseling website. Counselors will make schedule adjustments based on course and space availability. The rights to the schedule created during arena scheduling are relinquished if adjustments are requested.

26 Accessing Skyward Family Access ●Use YOUR Skyward login/password not your parents!! Students can access the Skyward website from home, the school library, or a public library. If you would like to use the school computers to register or do not have internet access you can come by the counseling office to set up a time with your counselor.

27 Skyward Looks Different!!! Use your STUDENT login to access your Skyward account. Click on the Then click on “Schedule”

28 Click on “Request Courses for 2015-16”.

29 Click on the course you want to select on the left side of the page. Then click on “Add Course” in the center to add the course to your selections..

30 Reminders About Course Requests Remember you can go back in and make any changes you want until February 16 th. Course selection will close at midnight on the 16th. If you do not fill up your course requests with enough classes by the deadline the counselors will be adding classes for you!

31 Arena Scheduling Video

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