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CHV2O3 - MR NYMAN Our Canadian Government. How does the Canadian Government work?

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1 CHV2O3 - MR NYMAN Our Canadian Government

2 How does the Canadian Government work?

3 What is a constitution? Supreme law of the land Outlines the government structure for a nation Defines and limits government power

4 Canada’s Constitution British North America (BNA) Act, 1867  set out the powers of the federal and provincial governments  Ontario, Quebec, Novia Scotia and New Brunswick Several individual acts between 1867 and 1982 Constitution Act, 1982  “Patriated” the constitution (brought it home from Britain)  Included the Charter of Rights and Freedoms Summary of all of the acts: htm

5 Why Federal System? BNA Act split up powers over Federal and Provincial government Provinces  given certain powers because Canada was big and different issues affected different areas Jurisdiction: the authority to make and carry out laws Residual Powers: areas not listed in the Constitution are in the power of the federal government

6 Who Does What?

7 Who does what? FederalProvincialMunicipal Area Responsibilities

8 Constitutional Monarchy Canada is a consitutional monarchy  The Queen of England is the head of state  Given very limited power, part of tradition  Governor General represents the Queen in Canada Canada’s head of state is: Canada’s Governor General is:

9 Direct vs Representative Democracy Direct DemocracyRepresentative Democracy Every citizen participates directly in decisions of the government Examples: ancient Greece, Citizens vote for representatives The representatives come from Electoral Districts (aka ridings) They make decisions on behalf of citizens

10 Representatives FederalProvincialMunicipal Name for Representatives Name for Leader Who currently holds that position?

11 Factors affecting government Diverse cultural history Geography Values, Beliefs, Ideologies Economics Technology and industry International influences

12 Common Good Greatest good for the greatest number of people Our government attempts to work for the common good of it’s citizens We can challenge decisions thanks to freedom of expression and association Social Movement: organized campaign by large groups lobbying the government

13 Assignment: What’s News? Grab a newspaper (Remember that the Metro is available free at subways) Find 3 articles connected to the government:  One for Federal  One for Provincial  One for Municipal For each article, write down the title of the article and answer the questions:  What is the article about?  Who is involved?  What level of government is responsible?  What difficulties might the government face in making a decision on the issue? Due: Thursday, February 27

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