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Simple Present.

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1 Simple Present

2 Simple Present Used for:
Habits (something that happens on a regular basis) Facts (the Earth is round)

3 Simple Present Positive Form
Subject (I,you,we,they)+ Main verb Example: I eat 3rd person singular Subject (He, she, it) + Main verb (+s) Example: She eats

4 Simple Present Negative Form
Subject (I, you, we, they) + Auxiliary (do) + not + Main verb Example: You do not (don’t) like 3rd person singular Subject (He, she, it) + Auxiliary (does) + not + Main verb Example: She does not (doesn’t) like

5 Simple Present Question Form
Auxiliary (do) + Subject (I, you, we, they) + Main verb Example: Do you like apples ? 3rd person Auxiliary (does) + Subject (He, she, it) + Main verb Example: Does he like apples?

6 Simple Present 3rd person singular
With most verbs : Add S With verbs that end in :sh, ch, ss, o, x: Add ES Example: to guess = he guesses To brush = he brushes With verbs that end in : ay,ey,oy,uy: Example: to play = he plays To convey = he conveys Consonant + Y: Drop the Y and add ies Example: to study = he studies to try= he tries

7 Present Continuous (Present Progressive)
Used for … Actions happening right now ! Temporary actions Example: I am doing my practicum 4

8 Present Continuous (Present Progressive) Positive Form
Subject + to be (am/is/are) + ing form of the verb Examples: I am reading You/we/they are reading He/she/it is reading

9 Present Continuous (Present Progressive) Negative Form
Subject + to be + not + ing form of the verb Examples: I am not reading … You/we/they are not reading … He/she/it is not reading … Contraction You/we/they aren’t reading He/she/it isn't reading

10 Present Continuous (Present Progressive) Question Form
To be (am/are/is)+ Subject + ing form of the verb Examples: Am I trembling ? Are you/we/they trembling ? Is He/she/it trembling ?

11 How to put the verbs in ING
Verbs ending in E (come): We drop the E and add ING Example: Come = coming Exception !!! Verbs ending with EE Add ING Agree = agreeing

12 How to put the verbs in ING
Verbs ending in IE We drop the IE and add ying Example: die = dying lie = lying Verbs ending with one vowel and one consonant: We double the consonant Example : swim = swimming

13 Simple Past Used for… Action completed and finished in the PAST

14 Simple Past Positive Form
Regular verbs : Add D or ED Irregular verbs: Check on your list! Verbs ending in Y : We drop the Y and add IED Example : apply = applied

15 Simple Past One syllable verbs ending in consonant-vowel-consonant:
We double the last consonant and add ED Example: hop = hopped rub = rubbed

16 Simple Past Negative Form
Subject + Auxiliary (past) + not + Verb present tense Example He did not (didn’t) like the movie…

17 Simple Past Question Form
Auxiliary (past) + Subject + Verb present tense Example: Did he like the movie ?

18 Past Continuous (Past Progressive)
Used for … An action that was in progress in the past when something else happened

19 Past Continuous (Past Progressive)
Example: He was sleeping when his girlfriend entered in the bedroom Sleeping = red The girlfriend who entered = blue

20 Past Continuous (Past Progressive)Positive Form
Subject + was/were + ing Example: You were studying when she called

21 Past Continuous (Past Progressive)Negative Form
Subject + was/were + not + ing Example: I was not studying when you called me!

22 Past Continuous(Past Progressive)Question Form
Was/were + Subject + ing Example… Was he eating when you saw him at the cafeteria?

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