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Art & Design – Painting and Drawing (assessed for Entry 3) Example theme: Pattern.

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1 Art & Design – Painting and Drawing (assessed for Entry 3) Example theme: Pattern

2 AC1.1 Select a range of references and resources to support painting and drawing work. As well as references to artists and art styles, the pupil has collected a range of resources based on natural and man-made patterns.

3 AC1.2 Produce visual and / or tactile records of observations and experiences relating to a task or theme. The pupil has recorded observations and experiences in a number of ways including, observational drawings, written comments, collages of patterns found in the world around her and visual responses to the work of artists.

4 AC1.3 Identify the influence of artists, craftspersons and / or designers on their own practice. These examples clearly show the influence of the artist Jane Roberts on the pupil's own work.

5 AC2.1 Select and handle materials, tools and techniques appropriate to painting and drawing. The pupil has handled a good range of painting and drawing materials including collage.

6 AC2.2 Use visual elements in practical work, such as: colour; pattern; texture; line; shape; form; space; tone. The visual elements most appropriate to this work, such as colour, pattern, line and shape, all feature strongly.

7 AC2.3 Develop ideas for a pictorial composition, modifying work as needed. In these examples the pupil has explored ideas for a frame using a variety of different materials including block print.

8 AC3.1 Use painting and drawing processes to produce an outcome in response to a task or theme. AC3.2 Present a resolved painting and drawing outcome with some consideration of refinement The pupil has presented three different resolved painting and drawing outcomes including a mobile. They all display an element of refinement and are clearly influenced by the artists studied.

9 General Comments Most of the work for this pupil is contained in a sketchbook. There are almost seventy pages full of investigations into the theme of pattern. As well as references to four or five different artists, the pupil has thoroughly explored pattern in the world around her, both natural and man made. In a way the three outcomes do not do the pupil justice as every page of the sketchbook contains interesting, quality work. A clear Entry 3. When submitting work like this for moderation, it should be remembered that only a few examples of evidence for each AC are needed, so careful selection is important.

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