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InfoWorker Academic Portal Bringing Yammer, Office365, Insights and Academic Services to Students and Professors.

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1 InfoWorker Academic Portal Bringing Yammer, Office365, Insights and Academic Services to Students and Professors

2 Deck #2 Project purpose Replace old fashioned portal with a modern portal based social networking usability; Integrate professors, faculty staff and students and bring altogether with relevant information, accuracy and collaboration; Provide dynamic information and targeted to students, professors and coordinators with self-service analytics; Centralize information and promote relevant interaction for each group and discipline by using social tools like Yammer; Disseminate and promote Office365 as day to day choice of tools. Old Solution Screen Captures

3 Deck #3 Solution Design Strategy Offer a state of art brand new portal with Social Features to engage users; Deliver all Office365 features to students; Migrate local user documents and files to OneDrive for Business on Office365; Empower faculty staff with self service analytics tools to dashboards; Create an environment where teachers can distribute content like papers and lectures to the users; Provide a solution for delivering school work back to teachers for evaluation Yammer SQL Server SharePoint Office365 Portal

4 Deck #4 Technologies Microsoft SharePoint Enterprise 2013 (On-premise) Web Portal Professor’s Blogs Class schedules, faculty events, meetings Local ERP integration Business processes (frequency and grades, payments and debits, learning paths) Papers, school works, lectures Excel Services and PowerView for self service BI Microsoft SQL Server 2014 SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) - ERP data bidirectional OLAP Data Warehouse (grades, frequencies, payments and debits, etc.) Tabular BI Self-Service (Academic Centers Dashboard, Student Dashboard) Yammer Communication between professors and students Communication between students and students Communication between STAFF and students Microsoft Office365 OneDrive – Students working area Distribution of Microsoft Office Professional Plus for On- premises Leverage OneNote usage as tool of choice for study and research


6 Deck #6 Single Sign On Experience We Use ADFS to provide single sign on experience for all platforms (On- premise, Yammer, Office365 and ERP Data) On premise via ADFS with Office365 credentials being delivered. 3 different Yammer domains ware merged into one

7 Deck #7 Deep Integrated With Office365 Promote ExchangeOnline; Drive students to use OneDrive for all student documents Leverage OneNone as collaboration and annotation tool; Note: Due the great Hype about the Portal, the customer initiate a project to move all mailboxes from Google to Office365 to deliver a fully integrate experience.

8 Deck #8 Professor Area Delivers all available information and tools to teachers, like: Events calendar, including scheduled exams and school work presentations; Weekly calendar with classes and classroom locations; Yammer feed with students and staff; Dashboard of classes and disciplines who is responsible, including Yammer topics and feed to show and promote interaction even if it has not attempted an Yammer page yet

9 Deck #9 Professor Area – Calendar Events created on teacher’s calendar are provisioned and suggested to all related students, so students can also add those events to their personal calendar on Office365.

10 Deck #10 Professor Area - Yammer Yammer takes a main role in our Portal Solution. All communications should arrive at Yammer by automated posting from SharePoint Jobs using Yammer Graph API or REST API; Most discussed topic with redirection to the Yammer topic page; Yammer Feed; The topics are collected via web services and the feed is an embed, provided by Yammer.

11 Deck #11 Professor Area – Class schedule Specialized WebPart display class schedules for the professor Each one is linked by class record book to facilitate the daily workflow Hyperlink directs to class Home Page.

12 Deck #12 Class Record Book Class register, grades and lesson plans. The data is consumed by discipline pages All data is synchronized to ERP (Totvs) via SSIS and two way WebServices Replaces the original Class Record Book in ERP tool with a new and improved interface and better User Experience.

13 Deck #13 Easy Sharing of Lectures and Papers For each professors get a Blog automatically Provisioned on SharePoint (OnPremise or OnLine): Post articles with lectures. Share the general documents targeted by class. Receive student activities and comments. Receive group activities (collaboration) Assessment and feedback activities (review flow)

14 Deck #14 Student Area The main tool for the student is the Dashboard “Notas e Faltas” The dashboard reflects all information about grades, presences and also deadlines; Fully integrated with Microsoft Office365 like OfficeOnline, Yammer, OneDrive and Outlook web access. Class Schedules and events Yammer trending topics Yammer Feed

15 Deck #15 Student Area – Class Schedule The Class Schedule WebPart provides information about classes in which the student is enrolled. Each item directs the discipline page.

16 Deck #16 Student Area – Discipline Dashboard The disciplines Dashboard provides students with basic information of the current situation for each one. Green to “OK” Yellow to “Attention” Red to “Critical” Behind the scenes, we want to influence users (students, faculty staff and professors) with the concept that business information may be easy to be found and consumed.

17 Deck #17 Student Area – Classes Page The discipline page provide: General discipline information Link to professor blog Learning Path Class register an grades for current student Shared documents (download) “Send an Activity” tool

18 Deck #18 Student Area – Yammer feed for the discipline We Dynamically create a Yammer tag for each discipline; By using it, we enable unique and relevant feed to promote interaction between students and professors for the discipline; This feed is included on the course page; A customized Yammer Post tool help users to Interact with the Yammer using the predefined Tag;

19 Deck #19 Academic Center One of the main objectives of the Project was to engage the faculty management with the innovations and the information flow of the Portal and Yammer; We build a dedicated area for the Academic centers where they can consume data by using Excel Services and PowerView which are connected to a Tabular instance of SQL Server Analysis Services.

20 Deck #20 Academic Centers Area - Report This is a sample of the PowerView Reports available to Staff and Managers; Upcoming Reports: Financial Status; Professors absences; Professors grades end evaluations; Yammer Activity; Research Activity.

21 Deck #21 Academic Centers Area - Dashboard Sample Excel Services Dashboard created with SelfService BI


23 Deck #23 Main Objectives and Conclusion -Our Educational Portal have the objective to create Office365 Culture on Universities and Faculties. -By Enabling users with tools like Yammer and SharePoint, we show them a glimpse of a modern workplace were collaboration and communication are the base of the teamwork. -High-end BI tools like Excel Services and PowerView are used to disseminate the Idea of Microsoft BI and Self-service BI based on Microsoft Tools -We are in process to OpenSource this solution to spread it for noprofit academic institutions.

24 About Infoworker...

25 Deck #25 About InfoWorker Founded: 2011 Number of Employees: 9 (including associates). WEB SITE: Main Actuation Area: Business Intelligence, SharePoint and EPM Solutions; Secondary Areas: Dynamics CRM; Software Licensing Competencies:


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