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Fall of the Western Roman Empire

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1 Fall of the Western Roman Empire

2 Problems in the Empire The Empire was too big to control
Germanic warriors (barbarians) continued to attack Roman territories Captured Germanic people moved into the empire – creating their own system of government – thus ignoring Roman laws Army vs. Farmers – Male citizens had to serve in the military leaving fewer people to farm = less food production Taxes were growing higher to help pay for the military Wealth citizen were moving out of the city creating their own estates

3 Division of the Empire Diocletian – Took power in the late 200’s. Decided that the empire was too big for one person to rule, so he divided it into the Eastern and Western Empires. Eastern: Ruled by Diocletian Western: Appointed Co-Emperor

4 Power Moves to the East Constantine – Reunited the two halves of the Roman Empire for a short time. Moved the capital to the east into what is now Turkey. He called the new capital Constantinople.

5 Ten Theories on Why the Roman Empire Fell
Excessive Military Spending to Defend the Empire. Political Corruption ?

6 The Fall of Rome Interior Technology Inflation

7 The Fall of Rome Unemployment Urban Decay

8 The Fall of Rome Decline in Morals and values Rise in Christianity

9 The Fall of Rome Environmental and Public Health Problems
Barbarian Invasions

10 The Sack of Rome Barbarians Invade Rome
Huns (warriors from Central Asia) invaded from southeastern Europe Goths (Eastern tribes) who could not defeat the Huns and ran into Roman territory Vandals (Germanic tribe from Northern Europe) invaded Gaul (France), Spain, and North Africa

11 The Empire in Chaos The Huns pushed the Goths into Roman territory; the Goths raised an army and were paid by the Romans not to attack. However, when the Romans stopped the payments, the Goths destroyed Rome in 410.

12 The End of the Western Empire
During the 400’s, Roman Emperors were weak. Military leaders took power away from emperor Military leaders began fighting for power among themselves 476 – Barbarian general overthrew last Roman Emperor and Named himself King of Italy

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