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Weather Fatima Emirova.

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1 Weather Fatima Emirova

2 Content Winter Autumn Summer Spring

3 content It is autumn now September, October November are autumn months. The weather is cold and windy in autumn. It is rains often. The trees, the grass is yellow in autumn. We can see apples on apple trees in autumn. I dislike autumn

4 content It is summer. June, July, August are summer months. It is hot in summer. The wear is fine. The fields and trees are green. The are many flowers in the fields. I like summer!

5 content It is winter. December, January and February are winter months. It is cold in winter. It is snow in winter. The streets the trees and the fields are white with snow. I like winter!

6 content It is spring now March, April and. May are spring months. The weather is fine in spring. It is warm in spring. We can see flowers and green grass in the fields. The sun is shining in spring. I like spring!

7 The end!

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