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Student Name: _________________________________________ Homeroom Teacher: ____________________________________ Locker Number: _______________________________________.

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1 Student Name: _________________________________________ Homeroom Teacher: ____________________________________ Locker Number: _______________________________________

2 Student Expectations Be Respectful: -All people will be treated with respect -Say polite statements -Show kind actions -Listen to directions given by adults -Be an active participant in class. Be Responsible: -Come to class prepared (Note: Every class requires paper, sharpened pencils, textbooks, notebooks and an agenda daily. -Turn in all work on time. -If you are absent, you are responsible for completing all missed work. Be Safe: -Keep your hands, feet, and belongings to yourself. -Follow lab safety procedures. Grading Scale Major Assessments- 40% Quizzes- 25% Class work- 25% Homework- 10% Team Supplies Paper (replenish as needed) Pencils (replenish as needed) Two- 2 inch binders 4 folders with pockets 2- Packs of dividers 7-Composition books (1 SS, 1 Math, 4 Science) Homework Policy Homework is given frequently and counts for 10% of the final grade. Late work will result in partial credit. It is expected that homework will be submitted on time. NO EXCUSES!

3 Team/School Consequences Each student will have their own infraction card with them at ALL times. Failure to have your infraction card results in an automatic referral. Each infraction (failure to follow school and classroom rules/expectations) will be recorded on the card. After a third infraction, the student will receive a detention (parent contact will be made). After a fifth infraction, the student will receive a referral and receive a new infraction card (parent contact will be made). NOTE: It is the student’s responsibility to have their infraction card at all times and be responsible with his/her actions throughout the school day. Detentions Detentions for the team are typically held on Tuesdays and Thursdays each week. Detention will begin at 2:45 and end promptly at 3:15. Please have ride arranged when one is scheduled. If a student does not attend detention, unless otherwise arranged, an office referral will be written. In order for all students to be successful and to have the least amount of distractions, lateness to class is not accepted. You will be considered “Late” if you are not in your seat ready to learn at the start of class. If a teacher keeps you late, be sure to obtain a pass in your agenda from that teacher before coming to class. If you are late to school be sure to sign in at the main office and obtain a pass. Students will receive an infraction on their infraction card for being late. NOTE: If being late is the third offense, a detention will be written; if it is the fifth, it will be a referral. Late Policy

4 Absences In the case of an absence, you must get any missed materials. Students have one day for each day absent to complete all missing work. Students are encouraged to have a homework buddy to get missed information. Locker breaks There will be designated locker break times during the day. -Before Homeroom/Prep -Before Specials -After Specials -End of the Day After School Help If any after school help is needed please contact the subject area teacher. We are happy and ready to help you be successful! Parent/Guardian Conferences with Team Teachers Please contact your child’s Homeroom/Prep teacher if you wish to schedule a parent conference. Contacting the Teachers The best time to contact teachers by telephone is before school or after school hours.

5 Teacher Contact Information (302) 629-4587 Mr. Bryden- Social Studies Phone Ext. 3300 Email: Mrs. Crockett- Science Phone Ext. 3301 Email: Mrs. Harris- Special Education (ELA/Writing Lab) Phone Ext. 3201 Email: Ms. Jamison-Math Phone Ext. 3302 Email: Mrs. Leonard – English Language Arts (ELA) Phone Ext. 3305 Email: Website: Mrs. Ross- Special Education (Math/Writing Lab) Phone Ext. 3201 Email:

6 Grade 7 Schedule 7:28-7:32Locker 7:32-8:14Homeroom/Prep 8:18-9:02Period 2 9:06-9:50Period 3 9:54-10:38Period 4 10:38-10:40LOCKER and move to RELATED ARTS 1 10:45-11:15LUNCH 11:20-12:06RELATED ARTS 1 12:10-12:54RELATED ARTS 2 12:54-12:58Locker (get books for PDs 7 & 8) 12:58-1:42Period 7 1:46-2:30Period 8

7 Team 7 Gold Handbook Agreement We understand the Team 7 Gold Handbook policies and procedures as outlined. Student Name: ____________________________________________________ Student Signature: _____________________________ Date: ________________ Parent/Guardian Name: ____________________________________________________ Parent/Guardian Signature: _____________________________ Date: ________________

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