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Farewell to baseball address by:Lou gehrig

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1 Farewell to baseball address by:Lou gehrig
Saray Hernandez 1st Period English 2 4/10/13

2 Background Lou Gehrig was born June 19, 1903 in East Harlem New York City he was an American baseball first baseman who played 17 seasons in Major League. Baseball player for the New York Yankees. He dies on June 2 ,1941 at the Age of 37 in Riverdale New York City.


4 Video of the speech Delivered 4 July 1939, Yankee Stadium, New York

5 SOAPSTONE- sUBJECT Lou retirement from baseball

6 SOAPSTone Occasion He speaks of his retirement due to his illness and addresses the pity that people feel for him.

7 SOAPSTone audience Are his fans

8 SOAPSTone Purpose Was to show the world how strong and willed and fearless he can be.

9 SOAPSTone speaker Lou Gehrig

10 SOAPSTone tone Sad but hopeful and optimistic

11 Ethos Extremely well respected by his fans and fellow players.

12 Pathos His speech was every emotional

13 logos The speech uses the logical appeal to support why he considers himself “the luckiest man to face the earth”

14 Repetition

15 websits

16 Questions?

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