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Usage and Agreement Subjects and Verbs.

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1 Usage and Agreement Subjects and Verbs

2 Number Singular subjects should have singular verbs, plural should have plural verbs Cindy is my favorite aunt. Her children are about my age.

3 Tricky subjects Indefinite pronouns
Some are always singular, some are always plural Some, however, can be either- it then depends on the context of the sentence

4 Always singular indefinite pronouns
Each everyone nobody Either everybody nothing Neither everything anyone One no one anybody Another much anything Someone somebody something No one except the nice students leaves early.

5 Always plural Several Few Both many
A few in the crowd are troublesome.

6 Either Some All Any More Most none
Most of the Nobel Prizes for literature have been awarded to men. Most refers to prizes (plural) so verb is plural Most of the money for the prizes comes from a fund established by Alfred Nobel. Most refers to money (singular) so verb is singular

7 Compound Subjects Two subjects joined by and are plural
My mom and sisters are in Las Vegas. Two subjects joined by or/nor are singular Verb should agree to subject closest My sisters or my mom is in Las Vegas. My mom or my sisters are in Las Vegas.

8 Collective Nouns The kind of noun that represents a group. (family, team, crowd, jury) Depend on rest of sentence If all members create one action = singular If members do different actions = plural The family consists of 34 members (one unit- singular) The family have gone separate ways (different actions- plural)

9 Words stating amounts Singular when the amount is thought of as a whole Ninety percent of the student body is here. Fifty cents was the price. Plural when the amount indicates a collection of individual parts Three quarters were in my pocket Ninety percent of the students are present today.

10 “Every” and “Many a” Always singular
Every mother, father, and grandparent is looking at their graduate with pride. Many a hopeful performer has gone to search for fame.

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