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Somatoform Disorders.

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1 Somatoform Disorders

2 SOMATOFORM DISORDERS Somatoform Disorder – psychological problem in which there are symptoms of a physical disorder without a physical cause. (Somatic refers to body)

3 Hypochondriasis Hypochondriasis – a somatoform disorder involving strong, unjustified fear of physical illness. The fear that one has AIDS, cancer, heart disease, etc. Fear prompts frequent visits to the doctor/hospital Patient reports numerous symptoms but no physical cause is found. YOUTUBE- A Day in the Life of a Hypochondriac Patients are often dissatisfied with the diagnosis Small symptoms are exaggerated Similar to an anxiety disorder in that you combine OCD, phobia and panic. But someone with an anxiety about a physical illness would be afraid of getting the illness whereas hypochondriacs are excessively concerned with having the illness What is Hypochondria? (Mental Health Guru) Occurs in about 3-5% of the population YouTube - patient exhibiting hypochondria


5 Conversion Disorder Conversion disorder (formerly called hysteria) – a somatoform disorder in which a person appears to be, but is not, blind, deaf, paralyzed or insensitive to pain in various parts of the body. The person will not be able to move their arms, see, feel, etc. but there is no biological cause The diagnosis of conversion disorder is rare, occurring in only 2% of the population Usually appears in adolescence or early adulthood (but can occur at any age) Conversion disorder seems to appear due to some stressful psychological event (trivial or traumatic) Patients have a difficult time believing that the problem is psychological rather than physiological Symptoms may be short term and could reappear later. Ex. An equestrian develops paralysis in her legs after a fall from her horse, although the fall was physically harmless

6 Clips on Conversion Disorder

7 Causes of Somatoform Disorders
Psychodynamic Perspective – due to unresolved unconscious conflicts Behaviorist Perspective – behavior is reinforced and thus it continues (reinforced through attention or relieved of certain duties) Cognitive perspective – threatening information confirms belief of sickness whereas reassuring information is ignored

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