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The Reign of Terror.

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1 The Reign of Terror

2 Louis XVI tries to RUN Louis XVI tries to ESCAPE to Austria
June 1791, he is caught and put under house arrest Legislative Assembly seizes more power

3 Factions of the Legislative Assembly
Radicals Moderates Conservatives Opposed King & Monarchy Demanded a Republic Favored some Changes Favored limited monarchy

4 die because the nation must live!”
Jacobins What: The most radical group of reformers in France Robespierre “Louis XVI must die because the nation must live!” Dec. 1792 Danton Marat

5 Legislative Assembly Declares War on Austria
Radicals wanted to expand French Revolution to all of Europe Austria & Prussia thought it could help Louis XVI warned France NOT to hurt the KING

6 Anarchy in Paris The Legislative Assembly responds:
1792: As the Prussian troops approached Paris, people rioted—Paris fell into anarchy The Legislative Assembly responds: Proposed idea of a REPUBLIC The King was “deposed” Dissolved itself & set aside Constitution Called for “new” elections Sans-culottes lead way to victory

7 National Convention What: a new assembly elected in France
mostly middle class (only 70 of 750 are nobles/clergy) Different political factions fight for POWER Foreign Powers threaten Paris (Prussia, Austria etc..) Great Britain, Holland & Spain join fight against France National Convention orders a draft into the army

8 die because the nation must live!”
Louis XVI Executed Jacobins put Louis XVI on trial for treason He is sentenced to death January 1793 he is executed “Louis XVI must die because the nation must live!” Dec. 1792

9 Maximilien Robespierre
Assumes leadership of Jacobins Believed force & violence were needed to “wipe out” all evidence of France’s monarchy Sought to create a “Republic of Virtue”

10 A Republic of Virtue or Reign of Terror?
Primary Source Reading Analysis A Republic of Virtue or Reign of Terror?

11 Committee of Public Safety
12 person committee elected by National Convention Robespierre becomes a virtual dictator July 1793-July 1794 Execute people viewed as threat to Republic People often related to monarchy or nobility

12 Road to Terror National Assembly (1789) Legislative Assembly (1791)
War with Austria & Prussia (1792) Radicals declare Republic & execute King (1793) National Convention The Reign of Terror ( )

13 Video Continued

14 Stages of Revolution Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5 Stage 6

15 Reign of Terror 1-Year in Length Robespierre’s execution marks end
July July 1794 Robespierre’s execution marks end July 1794 3,000 executed in Paris Up to 40,000 total deaths

16 The Directory After Reign of Terror => National Convention forms a new legislative body: The Directory Directory puts Napoleon in charge of Army

17 Revolution: 1789-1794 Was it worth it?
Philosophes National Assembly Legislative Assembly National Convention Reign Of Terror

18 Marie Antoinette’s Last Words?

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