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Unit 10 Presentation Designs Name: Kristiana Hall.

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1 Unit 10 Presentation Designs Name: Kristiana Hall

2 Purpose and Audience What is the purpose of your presentation? It will show helpful information about the school. The presentation will include text, pictures, videos, animations, graphs and tables. Who the audiences of your presentation? My presentation will be aimed at parents, teachers, students and primary schools. People who are interested in joining the school as a student.

3 Your House Style



6 No.1 Slide Design Name: Home page Title School logo Video Sound Navigation bar

7 No.2 Slide Design Name: Houses Title Home hyperlink Yew house picture Ash house picture Bay house picture Elm house picture Names of the heads of houses Names of houses

8 No.3 Slide Design Name: School times Title School times

9 No.4 Slide Design Name: Subjects Title Year 7 subjects Year 8 subjects Year 9 subjects Year 10&11

10 No.5 Slide Design Name: Boys uniform/ P.E Title Picture of boys uniform List of boys uniform and P.E Picture of boys school shoes

11 No.6 Slide Design Name: Girls uniform/ P.E Title Picture of girls uniform List of girls uniform/P.E Picture of girls school shoes

12 No.7 Slide Design Name: Rules Title School rules Picture of a book Notebook gif

13 No.8 Slide Design Name: College Facilities Title List of the school facilities Picture of a media class Picture of a cooking class Picture of the astro Picture of the mugga

14 No.9 Slide Design Name: Vivo Title Explanation of what vivo is Picture of vivo logo Picture of vivo homepage

15 No. 10 Slide Design Name: Show My Homework Title Explanation of what show my homework is Picture of show my homework website

16 No.11 Slide Design Name: GCSE results Title Table of the GCSE results Graph of GCSE results

17 No.12 Slide Design Name: Contact us Title Contact information about the school

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