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Knowtulus Technologies Pvt.Ltd.

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1 Knowtulus Technologies Pvt.Ltd

2 Are you worried about how to score in Medical, Engineering Entrance?

3 Knowtulus Offers Preparation software for JEE main,MH-CET,AI-PMT,NEET Get ready to view the amazing application… Knowtulus Have solution for you…

4 You can test yourself using Exam section of Knowtulus product. You can study important concept through Notes Section You can get your study analysis through Report Section. Know your weak points and get improve in it. Score good marks in any entrance exam. Knowtulus preparation software

5 You can test yourself Using Exam Section You can take test of any number of question on any topic of each subject/s You can take Full Exam or Previous Exam paper Pattern

6 You can test as.. Here You can solve test You can solve firstly, any section as per your choice

7 Here Red shows Wrong answer and Green shows Right Here you get explanation Get Exam analysis…

8 Get Detailed exam review… Here you can view question wise analysis

9 Know your performance as per subject, topic through reports Performance Reports…

10 You can add your own notes also. Get Important Concepts and formulas Know important concepts… You can add important event in calendar

11 Help for you Here Get help related to our software


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