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Chapter 12 Using Energy.

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1 Chapter 12 Using Energy

2 Lesson 1 Heat Heat- the total amount of thermal energy an object releases Temperature- the measurement of the average energy of molecules 1

3 How does heat travel? Conduction – passing of heat through a material while the material stays in place Convection – flow of thermal energy through a liquid or gas, hot rises and cool sinks Radiation – transfer of energy through electromagnetic rays 1

4 Lesson 2 Sound Sound wave – series of rarefactions & compressions through a substance

5 Medium – substance through which the wave travels
*Sound tends to travel with the greatest speed through solids and slowest through gases Frequency - number of times an object vibrates per second 2

6 Lesson 3 Light Photon – tiny bundle of energy by which light travels
Translucent – objects that blur light as it passes through Image – a “picture” of the light source that light makes bouncing off shiny surfaces

7 Prism – a way to separate light
Electromagnetism – the way electric & magnetic forces interact 3

8 Lesson 4 Electricity Electricity – the movement of electrons

9 Circuit – formed when an electric current passes through an unbroken path of conductors

10 Lesson 5 Magnetism Magnetism – the ability of an object to puch or pull on another object that has the magnetic property Magnetic field – a region of magnetic force around a magnet, represented by lines

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