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April 9, 20051 Region 2 South Area Chairman’s Spring 2005 Status Report.

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1 April 9, 20051 Region 2 South Area Chairman’s Spring 2005 Status Report

2 April 9, 20052 Introduction Jorome (Jerry) Gibbon, Chairman Region 2 South Area 202-276-2265 or 703-534-4143 South Area includes three Sections - Northern Virginia Section -Washington Section - Baltimore Section

3 April 9, 20053 Topics of Presentation Sections’ Chairmen Information Status of Sections Overview of Section Activities Summary of Section Chapters/Groups Conclusions and Recommendations

4 April 9, 20054 Sections’ Chairman Information Baltimore HERMANN (BRIAN) SEQUEIRA 1 443 778 8891 Section Northern MURTY S POLAVARAPU 1 703 367 1497 Virginia Section Washington RONALD L (RON) TICKER 1 301 286 1380 Section

5 April 9, 20055 Status of Sections (1) New Officers 2005 per election results: completed January (2) Section Reports 2005 to IEEE (L50/L31): completed February (3) Section Budget 2005 (amount approved): completed January (4) Section Membership 2005 (number of members): Stable + 1 % (6300/5800/5900) (5) Society Chapters 2005 (number): New chapters added (10/16/10) (6) Student Branches 2005 (number): Active and stable (2/6/8) (7) Affinity Groups 2005 (number): Active and stable (3/3/2) GLD/LM/WIE/CN

6 April 9, 20056 Overview of Section Activities (1) Special Events planned 2005: local,/joint, awards, training, conferences, seminars (2) Activities planned 2005: participation in job fairs, PACE, officers training, work shops, Sections Congress, Senior Member Upgrades (3) Outreach Media 2005: Newsletters, E-/ SCANNER, web page, (BiMon/Qtrly) (4) Recommendations and plan support: update web, virtual communities, e-mail lists

7 April 9, 20057 Summary of Section Chapters/Groups Summaries will be presented by the individual Section Chairman upon request.

8 April 9, 20058 Conclusions and Recommendations (1) Sections should provide assessments of areas needing most support from directors (2) Sections should be able to coordinate more closely with Region level counterparts (3) Sections should provide a strategic 5 year plan for each area of operation (4) Section should improve chapter officers succession plan and not wait until officers disappear (5) The south area sections are well managed

9 April 9, 20059 Summary of Area Chairman’s Duties (1) Help authoritatively documenting and posting those responsibilities -- developing products like the IEEE job descriptions for selected Section and Chapter positions (2) Nominally, an Area Chair will communicate, coordinate, and guide leaders of those Sections within his or her assigned geographic area. (3) Area Chairs would also periodically provide state of the health inputs to the Region’s Executive Committee (EXCOM), somewhat redundantly, working with the Regional Chapter Representative to support and monitor the activity and health of Technical Society Chapters, who separately report that information to the Region EXCOM and Regional Committee. (4) The RAB Operations Manual states "The Area Chair acts on behalf of and at the direction of the Regional Director on specific assignments related to the management and administration of the Region." Bottom line... Area Chairs support the Section Chairmen in there area.

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