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The Suffrage Movement.

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1 The Suffrage Movement

2 population, and industry.
In the early 1800s, the United States of America grew in size, population, and industry.

3 People also wanted AMERICA to grow in GREATNESS. At this time, the freedoms and rights promised in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Amendments were not given to all Americans.

4 Slavery is the opposite of liberty!
Slavery was legal in the land of the free. Slavery is the opposite of liberty!

5 There were people who wanted to ABOLISH, or END, slavery
There were people who wanted to ABOLISH, or END, slavery. They were called abolitionists. They worked for the Abolitionist Movement.

6 Do women have rights? Women were NOT ALLOWED to VOTE in the United States.

7 suffrage. Women’s Suffrage Movement the right to vote. The right
is called suffrage. The Women’s Suffrage Movement worked to GIVE women the right to vote.

8 Anti-suffragists Those who opposed extending the right to vote to women were called anti-suffragists. Many anti’s were women. Political cartoon mocking anti’s: “O Save Us, Senators, from Ourselves!”

9 Beliefs of Anti-Suffragists
Women were high-strung, irrational, and emotional Women were not smart or educated enough Women should stay at home Women were too physically frail; they would get tired just walking to the polling station Women would become masculine if they voted

10 In this presentation we will meet two women who fought for women to have the right to vote.

11 A teacher

12 "We hold these truths to be self-evident:
that all men and women are created equal...“ 1848 Seneca Falls Declaration Elizabeth Cady Stanton

13 Elizabeth Cady Stanton
was a teacher who believed women should have the same voting rights as men. She was a writer who used words to protest what was wrong with America and how it could become better. Elizabeth Cady Stanton became “the face” of the Women’s Suffrage Movement.

14 Florence Kelley

15 Florence Kelley was an American social and political reformer
Florence Kelley was an American social and political reformer. Her work against sweatshops and for the minimum wage, eight-hour workdays, and children's rights is widely regarded today.

16 These women and other men and women across the country worked long and hard to convince the government and the people of the United States that the laws should be changed.

17 One thing that had to be done, was to let the people of each state vote on the idea.

18 Finally after years of hard work, the 19th Amendment was added to the Constitution of the United States in August of 1920.

19 Amendment XIX The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex.

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