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A LBERT B ANDURA By Jhoana H. Michelle G. Rayana B.

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1 A LBERT B ANDURA By Jhoana H. Michelle G. Rayana B.

2 B IOGRAPHY Bandura was born December 4 th 1925 His parents were immigrants from eastern Europe. He was born in Canada, he was the youngest one out of the 6 kids. There was only one school were he lived, and he almost had to teach himself because of the limitations during that time. He went to the University of British Columbia he noticed a psychology course and got interested and found his future career. Graduated 3 years later, with a award in psychology. Later he went to the University of Iowa and completed his master’s degree and in 1952 he got a PhD in clinical psychology He later got a position at Stanford University.

3 C ONTRIBUTION TO PSYCHOLOGY Bandura was the first to propose that the origins of personality are varied and complex, they include the interaction of behavior with both environmental and innate or inborn factors He researches about the causes of human behavior such as human motivation, action, aggression, and thought Best known for Bobo Doll study.

4 S TUDIES Bandura's study was to show that if children were were to watch an aggressive display by an adult they would act the same & show this aggressive behavior when given the opportunity. His focus was on children from ages 3-6 years old.

5 H OW HE DID IT ? The kids would be shown a video of an adult hitting a inflatable clown doll called the “bobo doll”. The children then would be put into 2 groups. Group 1:was shown the adult being rewarded after hitting the doll. Group 2:saw the beating but didn’t see the adult get punished or rewarded. He watched the kids from a different room and observed their actions secretly. He realized that children that watched the adult get rewarded were most likely to show aggression. He also seen that no matter what video was shown the boys were more likely than girls to show the aggressive behavior from the video. learning-albert-banduras-bobo-doll-study.html#lesson

6 C ITATIONS http://education- banduras-bobo-doll-study.html#lesson 06.html iography/Bandura_bio1.html

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