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Constitutional Convention

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1 Constitutional Convention
KEY COMPROMISES of the CONVENTION Each group has two sides to an problem facing the convention see if you can come up with a compromise. Write down your ideas!

2 #1 Question: Representation
Jersey Plan Small States One House Equal Representation Virginia Plan Large States Two House (Bicameral) Representation based on Population VS

3 #2 Question: Slavery & Power
Southern States Slaves count as population Slaves don’t count in determining taxation Northern States Don’t Count slaves in population Count slaves in taxation VS

4 #3 Question: Trade and Commerce
Southern States State control over all trade No ban on slavery No duty on farm exports Northern States Federal control over all trade Federal gov’t has power to collect duties and tariffs VS

5 #4 Question: How to elect a President
States Rights State reps choose Pres. Short term Strong Central Elected directly from the people Long term VS

6 Question #5 Ratification of Constitution
Federalist Federalist Papers Argued no need for Bill of Rights Strong Central Gov’t with limits Anti-Federalist Most have Bill of Rights Weak Federal Gov’t to protect states rights Argue against ratification VS.

7 Solution #1: Great Compromise
Connecticut Plan Bicameral Legislature Upper House/Senate 2 rep per state Lower House/House of Rep. based on Population $ bills start in House

8 Solution #2: The 3/5th Compromise
3/5 of the slaves will be counted in the states representation counted for taxation purposes.

9 Solution #3 : Commerce Compromise
Federal Gov’t controls trade between states-INTERSTATE State Gov’t controls trade within state- INTRASTATE NO ban on slave trade for 20 years.

10 Solution #4: Presidential Compromise
Electoral College is created # of House of Rep. per state + the two senators give the electoral votes. 4 year term not limits

Federalist promise to add a Bill of Rights Ratification succeeded, new government formed 1789 James Madison drafts 10 amendments to the Constitution U.S. BILL OF RIGHTS

12 Solution #1: Great Compromise
Our solution is:

13 Solution #2: The 3/5th Compromise
Our solution is:

14 Solution #3 : Commerce Compromise
Our solution is:

15 Solution #4: Presidential Compromise
Our solution is:

16 Solution #5: RATIFICATION of the Constitution
Our solution is:

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