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Properties of Water and pH VmU3CLxvgU.

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1 Properties of Water and pH VmU3CLxvgU

2 Van der Waals Forces Van der Waals forces- force between molecules due to intermolecular attraction.

3 Hydrogen Bonding Hydrogen bonding- a type of intermolecular attraction due to differences in electronegativity between a polar molecule that contains hydrogen and an atom in another polar molecule.

4 Properties of Water ALL a result of water’s ability to hydrogen bond! Cohesion Adhesion – Capillary action

5 Properties of Water Heat capacity Expands when frozen Ice is less dense than water

6 Mixtures of Water Solutions- all components are evenly distributed. – Solute – Solvent Suspensions- all components are NOT evenly distributed, water and nondissolved material. Example of both a solution and a suspension: blood

7 pH Scale Indicates the concentration of H + in a solution. pH = -log [H + ]

8 Buffers

9 Weak acids or bases that can react with strong acids or bases to prevent sharp, sudden changes in pH. Buffers dissolved in living organisms play an important role in maintaining homeostasis in organisms.

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