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Lesson 2-5: Algebraic Proofs

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1 Lesson 2-5: Algebraic Proofs
Rigor – Use properties of equality, postulates, and definitions to justify steps in a proof. Relevance – logical thinking and proofs

2 Notes Highlight the properties on pg71 of the corebook
Add the distributive property of equality to the list Distributive Property of Equality: a(b + c) = ab + bc

3 Example: Justifying single statements
Symmetric Property of Congruence Distributive Property of Equality

4 Example: Justify each step used to solve for x.
Think, what relationship do you see in the diagram? Definition: supplementary angles Substitution Property Combine like terms Subtraction property of equality Division property of equality

5 Example 2: Complete the proof
Definition of a bisector Substitution Property Subtraction property of equality Division property of equality

6 Two – Column Proofs Format
Statements First statement is always given info This side is for work No skipping steps Last line is ALWAYS what you are asked to find/prove Reasons First reason is ALWAYS GIVEN info (picture, words, definitions) Definitions, theorems, properties, formulas go here The last reason is NEVER “prove”

7 Back to the core book Turn to page 72
We will do practice problems 1 and 2 together

8 2-5 Classwork from the Core Book
Pg 73 #4 – 8 Be ready to move on in 15 minutes You will be assigned 2-5 homework next week

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