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User Success Stories Johannes Gutenberg-University

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1 User Success Stories Johannes Gutenberg-University
Department of Radiology , Mainz, Germany Peter Mildenberger PM 11/2006 IHE 1 1 1

2 PM 11/2006 IHE

3 University Hospital Mainz and Department of Radiology
1500 beds, ~100 wards inpatients/year, outpatients >30 examination rooms in Radiology ~ 500 exams / d ~ 15 clinical conferences / d RIS since 1988 PACS since 1996 (Rad, Neurorad, NUK, Cardio, Endo, Dent..) >80 modalities (e.g. 5 CTs, 5 MRs, 5 CRs, 3 DRs..) hospital wide GB / d new data ~ 45 TB online (>70 million images) PM 11/2006 IHE

4 The IHE Radiology Workflow
X PM 11/2006 IHE N, Wisrz, PhD, Siemens

5 Status Nov 2006 PM 11/2006 IHE

6 Status Nov 2005 PM 11/2006 IHE

7 Status Nov 2005 PM 11/2006 IHE

8 PM 11/2006 IHE

9 PM 11/2006 IHE

10 PM 11/2006 IHE

11 PM 11/2006 IHE

12 Clinical wide PACS Access
PM 11/2006 IHE

13 Clinical wide PACS Data Sources
PM 11/2006 IHE

14 Image Sources Radiography, CT, MRT, DSA Sonography Szintigraphy, PET
Visible Light Endoscopy, Pathology, Ophthalmology, Digital Photography, microscopic slides) Cardiology PM 11/2006 IHE

15 Integrated Presentation
PM 11/2006 IHE

16 IHE on the National Level
The idea of IHE is recognised by the „Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft“(DFG), which is responsible for funding medical equipment and IT-Infrastructure in Universities Strategic Paper in 2005: „..Zur Erleichterung der Kommunikation zwischen verschiedenen IT-Anwendungssystemen einschließlich der Medizintechnik werden die Inhalte der IHE-Initiative unterstützt und müssen bei Beschaffungen zunehmend Bestandteil von Ausschreibungen werden…“ > Means IHE-Profiles should be respected for interoperability and must be used for proposals PM 11/2006 IHE

17 Conclusions flexible implementation, less independant from a vendor
MWL, MPPS, StComm improve clinical workflow, data consistency, quality of documentation,... IHE is a pragmatic model for the clinical scenarios IHE profiles should become regular part of RFPs IHE Process fits also outside Radiology (e.g. Lab, Card.) IHE-PDI part of a national activity of the DRG regarding interoperability of Patient-CDs Acceptance of IHE on a national level PM 11/2006 IHE

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