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Poland is situated in Europe Polish flag and emblem.

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3 Poland is situated in Europe

4 Polish flag and emblem

5 Anthem Mazurek D ą browskiego


7 Currency : złoty

8 President and Prime Minister President: Bronisław Komorowski Prime Minister: Donald Tusk

9 General Infotrmation official language: Polish system: democracy Population (2010 estimate): 38,186,860 Ethnic groups(2002): 96.7%Poles, 3.3% others and unspecified Drives on the right Religion: Roman Catholicism Total area: 312,685 km 2

10 Enviroment Poland is situated near Baltic Sea. The longest river is Vistula (1,047km). Poland has beautiful mountains such as Tatry, Bieszczady and Karpaty. The animals characteristic for poland are wisents, brown bears, wolf, lynx, foxes and storks

11 Baltic sea Vistula Tatry


13 The most traditional Polish dishes Smaczne danie na bazie kapusty z dodatkiem warzyw, grzybów, kawałków kiełbasy i wędzonego. Tasty stew of sauerkraut and meat, similar to the French choucroute, but generally less acidic and including unfermented cabbage

14 Pork knuckles cooked with vegetables, spaces and beer Stewed pork knuckle

15 Dumplings, usually filled with sauerkraut and/or mushrooms, meat, potato and/or savory cheese, sweet curd cheese with a touch of vanilla, or blueberries or other fruits, such as cherries or strawberries, and sometimes even apples - - optionally topped with sour cream, and sugar for the sweet versions Polish dumplings

16 Oscypek to polski sprężysty, twardy, wędzony ser często podawany z grila z żurawiną. Hard, salty cheese from nonpasteurized sheep milk which is smoked over a fire. Sometimes served sliced and fried with cranberries

17 Historal events 966.- polish baptism 1364.- Creation of the University of Cracow 15.07.1410-The battle of Grunwald 01.07.1569-Union between Poland and Lithuania 03.05.1791- adoption of the Constitution 1772, 1793, 1795- The partitions 11.11.1918- Independence 1920-The battle of Warsaw 01.09.1939- attack of Nazi Germany on Poland 08.10.1944- Warsaw Uprising 2004.- Poland enters the European Union

18 Remains of history…

19 Poland amazing country

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