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Contents Model Information Hardware Supported Codec Network Storage

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0 Portable Theater Multimedia Player DP1B, DP1W

1 Contents Model Information Hardware Supported Codec Network Storage
Features Key Sales Point Remote Control Package Design MarCom material

2 Competitive Advantages
1. Model Information Competitive Advantages WD TV Live Xtreamer DP1 Harmonious design & benefits TV look standing design provides additional beauty to your LCD TV. Stylish Design Full HD 1080P for video, DTS and Dolby 5.1 Channel for audio Highest Quality Convenient connections with multimedia storages. No more messy cables. Easy Linking 2/17

3 Portable Theater Multimedia Player DP1 1. Model Information DP1 Basic
DP1BPBC.CES2STD EAN: DP1 Wi-Fi Portable Theater Multimedia Player DP1 DP1WPBC.CES2STD EAN: 2/17

4 *External optical drive is not supported (DVD/BD ROM/Writer, etc)
2. Hardware Chipset SMP8652 Display Full HD (1920*1080) 1080p Cinema Mode 1080p 24Hz Control Button Touch type 8 keys, Reset key Dimension 265 (W) x 88(H) x 26(T) mm Power DC 12V / 2A USB 2 EA (Host) HDMI Out 1 EA (1.3a) Digital Audio Out 1 EA (Optical type) Composite Out 1 EA (Phone jack type) DC Input 1 EA *Accessory ( Package Included ) Composite AV cable Remote control with 2 AAA batteries AC adapter SCART adapter ( EU only ) Quick guide CD 2 USB Ports HDMI out Stand Reset Key Optical Output (Digital Audio) A/V Output Composite (Phone jack) Ethernet DC 12V/2A *External optical drive is not supported (DVD/BD ROM/Writer, etc) 3/17

5 3. Supported Codec Format File Extension Codec Video
dat, mpg, mpeg, avi, vob, ts, mov, xvid, mp4, mkv, m2t, m2ts, wmv, asf, iso, divx, m1v, m2v, m4v, dvr-ms(Unprotected), flv,m1s, m2p, ifo, tp, trp, m4t, mts, MPEG 1/2/4, DivX 3/4/5/6, VC1(WMV9), H.264, MJpeg(SD)‏, AVC Audio mp3, wma, wav, ogg, aac, m4a, flac, mka, ape, aif, aiff, mp1, mp2,ac3, mpa, mp4a MP3, WAV/PCM/LPCM/ADPCM/BDLPCM, AAC, FLAC, DTS, WMA, OGG, Dolby AC3, AIF/AIFF, APE, WMAPro, MPEG-1 Layer 1/2/3, MPEG-2 Layer 1/2/3 Photo GIF, BMP, JPEG, TIF/TIFF, PNG Subtitle SRT, SUB, SMI, SSA, ASS, vobsub, PGS DRM CGMS-A, HDCP *Codec Condition This product may not support file formats other than the formats specified above Dolby / DTS : 2ch(Down-mix), 5.1ch(Pass-through)‏ Not Support WMV1/2 OGG : Audio file only, sample rate 32K(Q0) ~ 192K(Q2)‏ LPCM : Video file only flv : only support H.264 video codec BD iso : only support VC1, MPEG2, H.264 video codec (Ripping file only playable) 4/17

6 + 4. Network <Wireless>
Access to Wired/Wireless network is possible. Wired network is built into the basic model DP1B and for wireless network the USB dongle needs to be purchased separately. The Network model DP1W provides both wired/wireless network (wireless module is built-in). When connected to the network drive you can search for downloaded files from the PC and play them directly. DP1 supports YouTube UCC flashes, Picasa for pictures, and Weather information service. Interface Ethernet, Wi-Fi b/g/n, DLNA v1.5 DMP Service YouTube, Picasa, Accuweather, Local network Ethernet 1 EA (10/100 Mbps) Wi-Fi Dongle Optional or Built-in <PC> <Wireless> <Wired> <Wireless> *USB Dongle for Wireless network with DP1B  Linksys : WUSB600N-vr2 (RT3572 controller) Belkin : F6D4050 Internt Service 5/17

7 5. Storage Supports two USB 2.0 Hosts to connect two different USB devices simultaneously, and also to allow copy function between the two devices 2 USB Ports Portable HDD Desktop HDD USB Card Reader 6/17

8 6. Features . Designed to harmonize with LCD TV (Product, stand)
. Portable Compact size . Full HD Display with HDMI (1080p) . Supports 24Hz cinema mode . Supports DTS / Dolby AC3 5.1ch . Plays various movie, music and image files . Convenient thumbnail when viewing pictures and supports BGM . Wired/Wireless network support (Built-in Wireless Network) . Access to internet contents (YouTube, Picasa, Weather) . Supports 2 USB hosts and USB device file copy function . Built-in touch button in case of Remote Control Loss . Easy Step by Step GUI . Easy to use color remote control 7/17

9 7. Key Sales Point TV Looks Design
Designed to match your TV; Differentiated style compared to competitor’s box type Stylish stand to harmonize with your TV Portable compact size to fit into your backpack 8/17

10 7. Key Sales Point Touch Control Key
Unique Touch control key in case remote control is not in hand Down Up Left Right OK Menu Back On/Off 9/17

11 7. Key Sales Point Full HD with HDMI
Supports Full HD 1920×1080p Resolution contents for live and clear high quality *HDMI cable not included <SD> <Full HD> 10/17

12 7. Key Sales Point 24Hz Cinema Mode
Supports the all new 1080p/24Hz Cinema mode (Film mode) function for theater-like quality 24Hz Cinema mode function allows for the same 24 frame image play as the original movie The mode is played with HDMI connection <Normal> <Cinema Mode> 11/17

13 7. Key Sales Point DTS / Dolby AC3 Optical or RCA
Connect to your home theater and enjoy DTS and Dolby 5.1 channel or automatically converse 5.1 channel sound to 2.0 channel with down mix function to enjoy your contents on TV or normal stereo audio Optical or RCA 12/17

14 7. Key Sales Point Thumbnail
Thumbnail function for convenient picture search Set BGM ( Background Music ) Three disparate types of Thumbnail mode to provide optimized view of various contents Large Scale Medium Scale Small Scale 13/17

15 7. Key Sales Point GUI Easy to use step by step directions even without a manual Convenient operational environment to allow for one function per screen Hot key on remote control is added for quick operation after product usage has been familiarized with by the user -Convenient single button to bring up function menu -Color Key Guide for easy usage *Language: English, Korean, Arabic, Chinese, Simplified-Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish *Color Depth: 32bit SEARCH ZOOM ROTATE SUBTITLE AUDIO Icon PICTURE 14/17

16 8. Remote Control 15/17

17 9. Package Design DP1 Basic 16/17

18 9. Package Design DP1 Wi-Fi 17/17

19 10. MarCom material Design not fixed yet
X/Mini- banner Design not fixed yet Display rack 17/17

20 10. MarCom material Design not fixed yet
Leaflet 17/17

21 10. MarCom material Design not fixed yet
Leaflet 17/17

22 10. MarCom material Design not fixed yet
Leaflet 17/17

23 Thank you ! End of Document

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