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Effective mainstreaming of EQUAL results - examples from Poland BALTIC SEA SEMINAR 22 November 2007, Warsaw, Poland.

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1 Effective mainstreaming of EQUAL results - examples from Poland BALTIC SEA SEMINAR 22 November 2007, Warsaw, Poland

2 BALTIC SEA SEMINAR 22 November 2007 10:15-11:30 Session 1 – Effective mainstreaming of EQUAL results 11:30-11:45 Coffee Break 11:45-13:00 Session 2 – Closure of assistance 13:30-13:45 Lunch Break 13:45-15:00 Session 3 – Main challenges and opportunities in the new programming period AGENDA

3 EQUAL theme implemented in Poland / % of financial allocation / No of DPs in Action 2 Theme A: Labour market open for all / 33,8%; 35 DPs Theme D: Social economy / 27,4%; 24 DPs Theme F: Adaptability of firms and employees 21,1%; 24 DPs Theme G: Reconciling family and professional life 9,0%; 13 DPs Theme I: Asylum seekers / 1,7%; 3 DPs EQUAL themes in Poland

4 Social and vocational reintegration of women – victims of human trafficking - IRIS DP Vertical transfer – implemented into 2007-2008 National Programme for Combating and Preventing Human Trafficking prepared by the Working Team of the Committee for Combating and Preventing Human Trafficking in the framework of the Ministry of Interior and Administration, in cooperation with non- governmental organisations, Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Health. THEME A - RESULTS

5 standard obligatory procedure for protecting female human trafficking victims and making it possible for them to return to the society developed by La Strada Foundation / Administrator of the IRIS Project / a hostel for victims of human trafficking the procedures based on experience and know- how gained within the framework of IRIS DP – (regarding social and vocational inclusion of victims) THEME A - RESULTS

6 About 80 social enterprises (employing app. 700 people) have been established within EQUAL in Poland – different legal forms have been tested, e.g. social associations, enterprises based on franchising, delivering funds Various support structures have also been created, e.g. social economy centres, postgraduate studies, study visits, research projects, etc. Common product of Theme D DPs: Draft Act on Social Enterprise Amendments to Act on Public Benefit and Volunteer Work THEME D - RESULTS

7 Operational Programme Human Capital 2007 – 20013 –Priority VII: Promotion of Social Integration System projects – measure 7.2 Fighting against social exclusion and strengthening social economy sector 7.2.2 sub-measure Support for social economy One of system projects – Partnership for Social Economy - to be implemented by Regional Centre for Social Policy in Krakow – now partner in EQUAL DP The Partnership of Initiatives for Nowa Huta. Foreseen products inspired by EQUAL DP – a well-developed network of SE organisations (so called Malopolska Pact for SE), - improving competences of social enterprises employees THEME D - RESULTS

8 Flexible nursery schools and day care centres – a model addressing parents needs/ by The Flexible Worker – The Partnership Family DP A comprehensive model helping in reconciling family and professional life and promoting greater involvement of men in family life. Vertical transfer – it is validated by President of Białystok City Council (EQUAL DP partner) and came in force in September 2007. THEME G - RESULTS

9 Work hours are longer – 42 facilities are open until 06:00 pm and 7 – until 07:00 pm, a few facilities are open on Saturday between 08:00 am and 03:00 pm. The result brought concrete benefits: 40 new workplaces without any additional costs - solely thanks to organisational changes better access to child care facilities cooperation between non-governmental organisations, local authorities and enterprises THEME G - RESULTS

10 Professional service Daytime Mum / by Partnership-Family-Equality-Work DP It has been tested within Toruń DP and incorporated into competition schemes in Operational Programme Human Capital 2007 - 2013 (as an example of best practice). The Daytime Mum: all-day private care service for children demanding special treatment or because of parents working in a shift system opportunity for unemployed women to set up day care centres under Community Authorities supervision. THEME G - RESULTS

11 NSS: Additional validation of EQUAL results – development of EQUAL trademark EQUAL Closing Conference in September 2008 – Pack of policy recommendations MA: Thematic seminars for special target groups: social partners, Ministry of Labour, city councils, etc. Bilateral meetings with other ministries and self- government bodies EQUAL Mainstreaming Group meeting on Social Economy MAINSTREAMING STRATEGY 2008


13 THANK YOU Piotr Stronkowski Ministry of Regional Development Department for ESF Management Polish EQUAL Managing Authority

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